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I think I am still in shock

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My dearest and closest friend Dawn who I have known for 16 years suffered a SAH on the 8th April 2011 whilst brushing her teeth in the morning. To be honest i'm still in shock and feel quite numb and hurt deep inside. Poor love has been in Frenchay since that fateful day.. wondering if she'll ever get back to normal. To be fair since the day she had the coiling to fix the aneurysm she has steadily improved to the point at which she is eating and drinking with prompting but still gets confused and very tired easily. But I suppose 2 weeks is nothing and its early days still. I found this site after her brother who visits almost every day told me about it from the nursing staff. it has been comforting to know there is more information available to those that are affected by the condition.

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Welcome to BTG. Sorry to learn of your friend's SAH.

Two weeks is such a short time in terms of SAH recovery. It's like the first 100m of a marathon, so there is a lot of improvement to come, so do not be too disheartened.

I was in hospital for five weeks, but that is because there was a complication because I suffered hydrocephalus.

This may sound strange, but those five weeks in hospital were the most peaceful of my life. My hospital environment was very calm and I felt very safe and secure.

The biggest trauma at the time was suffered by those around me and from what I gather, the stress that my family and friends experienced was greater than mine. I trust that your friend is experiencing the same peace.

To be eating and drinking two weeks after a SAH is very good. It seems that your friend is on good course.

Your friend is going to be unbelievably tired for the next few weeks. It's just the brain's way of forcing a rest, nothing more.

You will probably see improvements in your friend over the next few days and I look forward to hearing about them.

Chat soon,


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Vrajesh so sorry to hear about your friend, what she needs most is rest & reassurances right now. Tiredness is the main feature after an SAH & lots of water too to help with the headaches. don't be suprised if she is very emotional or angy - these are common emotions & the anger is usually directed at the ones you care about most.

I hope she continues to make a good recovery


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A warm welcome to the site,

some days i am still in shock and it is 10months since i had my SAH, this is a normal feeling. It will take time for your friend to recover, but she will make progress. I found having loving friends around me a great help and strenght, so hang in there she is going to need you a hell of alot. Hope she is home soon, we are all not alone we are here any time for any questions.

Take care Rhiann

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Hello there and I hope we can be of some comfort to you! I was in hospital for 6 weeks, due to dizziness, sickness etc. I am 14 months post-op now and although i'm still tired and can get confused, I've come on in leaps and bounds.

Your friend sounds like she's come through the initial stages ok, which is brilliant, so be optimistic. She's lucky to have a friend like you - she'll need the support! Take care :)

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Hi there

Some one once said to me "Would you rather be the person going through it or the person watching?" Instantly I replied "The person going through it". I can imagine that you are shocked to the core about your friend and also feeling just as anxious and scared as she is.

Two weeks is nothing in terms of recovery and the confusion and tiredness are all normal at this stage. The tiredness may continue for some time, so be patient with her and get her to be patient with herself. At the moment rest is the best thing for her, so she will be sleeping for long periods of time.

Its good that she's eating, it'll help to keep her strength up. Remember it can take months for the brain to start to heal as it never really rests.

Feel free to ask anything you like for your own peace of mind if not your friends. its good to hear that we were recommended by a member of the Nursing staff, please give them our thanks for passing on our details.

Make sure you get rest too. Just be there for her - its all she'll need at the moment.

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