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Super glue for the brain....

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I think that Therese could have been one of the first people to have had this procedure done ....Therese attended the first BTG meet that we had in Northamptonshire at the Wheatsheaf Hotel...http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/album.php?albumid=12&attachmentid=71 - Therese is the lady wearing glasses.

The following post refers: http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?4322-recoiling-SAH-2-years-later&p=32272#post32272

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Hi Tracy,

Yes, there were some lovely cars! My husband stays at the Wheatsheaf quite a bit for business ... he does a lot of work for Princess Yachts and this was kind of half way for many of us to meet up for the 1st time ... we had a second meet there in the December of the same year.

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I've not heard of this method of treatment, but it maybe of interest to me, if Karen is right and it is used for wide neck aneursyms as apparently that is what I have. My only hope would be that they are better at sticking things together with their super glue than I am with mine, whereby I get everything stuck together except the intended target!

I suppose another option to coiling and clipping has got to be welcome news. I wonder if anyone else has had this method discussed with them, as I have not even heard of it before today.


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This is very interesting.

My surgeon explained to me that he was going to do a balloon occlusion, which would be glued with a sort of 'super glue'. He said that normally that would be the end of the procedure but for me that would be too dangerous (he felt that I was very high risk of having another bleed) and they would then go straight to coiling. I was awake for this and it took about an hour for them to do it, then they did some tests and just watched the monitors for another 1/2 hour, I was still awake. Then they gave me the GA to put the 9 coils in and this took another 7 hours.

I think I now undestand a bit more of my procedure. But I keep forgetting that I also have this balloon thingy in there too! I'm waiting on a copy of my hospital notes and will look to see if they used Onyx or not!

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Hi Liz,

I had a ballon occlusion done in 2001. This method was decided on because the Annie was the size of an old five pence, so quite big. Coiling would have been no good as they would have just floated through the Annie.

I had to have a practise Annie first before they did the ballon done, as like you I had to stay awake. Whatever they had to do was at the back of my head. They had to keep it in for about an hour, asking me many questions to make sure my brain could put up with this procdure. I remember them saying to me that they would move very quickly if anything happened to me.

All went ok,so they did the ballon thing a month after.

I did'nt like being awake hearing all they were saying.

My second Annie in 2010, I thought, I would be awake again for it, but no, as they coiled I had a Sh bleed during that one.

My concern about using glue is getting it in the right place, and how fast would they have to do it.

Not sure about this method.

Hope you are keeping well.

Love Sonia xxxx

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Hi Sonia

My aneurysm was at the back, on my left vertebral artery. I'm very lucky and have few problems and keep very well.

At the time I found it quite traumatic being awake but then I didn't like being awake during the angiogram. When I was wheeled into theatre there was a lot of people in green gowns there at the time, because my case was so unusual everybody and their aunty wanted to watch! I kept my eyes shut the whole time and found it really hard trying to concentrate on answering the questions. At one point I remember saying that I didn't want to talk anymore but he told me that I had to! But in hindsight I'm glad I was awake because I was able to tell them that my left side had gone numb. There was a bit of a panic but at the time they couldn't see what was causing it, it was later they told me that I must have had a brain stem stroke. My surgeon told me that legally they had to do the balloon procedure first, he said otherwise they would have gone straight to coiling because to keep me alive my artery had to be blocked off. I've never asked what the legal reasons were or have I ever asked what size the annie was, I wasn't really interested but I'm assuming that when I get my notes all this information will be there.

But I still am in awe of these surgeons and just how amazingly clever they are! Take care. xx

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