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My first year annie-versary!!

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Yesterday was my 1st annie-versary and although i was very stressed approaching it, the day passed with no drama!! For me the day was going to be a deja vu with child drop offs and my eldest going to a panto. But i took the advice of Sami and "took the bull by the horns" and did the school drop off on my own - so happy i did :-D Husband offered to come with me, but i decided i didn't want my bad memory of the previous year to dominate and become an obsession every other year. Once i'd dropped her off and left the school i felt a huge relief, it is just another day....

Spent the day having hair done then down the gym and pool with a friend - probably the wrong order since my hair looked like a rag afterwards :lol: but i felt good! And the best thing was i got to pick my daughter up off the bus after the panto this year.

To anyone out there coming up to their annie-versary i'd do what was suggested to me and don't let the fear and anxiety of the day take over you. It's only once a year, so it's a long time till you can face it head on again (for want of better expression!!)

Thank you to all who give advice on here, you are GREAT xxx

Off skiing for the holidays on Monday - all excited!!

Merry Christmas to all, hope your dreams and wishes come true

Juliette xxx

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Hi Juliette

Well done for taking the bull by its horns and facing your 1yr annie-versary head-on (so to speak... :oops: ) ;)

I had my 2yr annie-versary last weekend, and last friday night was my works Christmas do...I had my SAH on that night 2 yrs ago... I faced it last year and had a great night dancing my cares away, and I faced it again this year and feel like I have got over my fear of it now. I have driven myself there both this year and last and have drunk water all night. Next year I have decided I will get a room and enjoy a couple of drinks. Not too much as I don't drink much now, but I will just take it easy but get into the spirit of it a bit more! :D

Here's to many more annie-versarys and good times!

Enjoy your skiing holiday, and a very Happy Christmas to you and your family!

Kel x

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