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Hello from Ireland


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I had my SAH on July 23th 2011 and never saw it coming. I had just arrived into work after a 20 minute drive from home when felt a sharp pain to the back of my head and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor. Thank God my boss was there as he kept shouting at me to stay awake and I remember being violently sick and him asking me do I have epilepsy cause I had a seizure. Everything was a blur as I was in and out of a coma and remember very little until in recovery after the surgery. The ambulance took 45 mins to get to me and was taken to local hospital, had CT scan and it confirmed I had a bleed so was transferred to a bigger hospital for an angiogram. Had craniotomy and the bleed was clipped, it was at the front right had side so have a 7 inch scar just at my hair line down to my ear.

This hit me like a tonne of bricks, still can't believe it actually happened. (dont mean to sound selfish) My hubby has been my rock through all this and my two beautiful children. When I met with my neurosurgeon a month after surgery he took me through the surgery which I really didn't need to hear and after telling him some of the problems I was having post surgery that I was suffering from chemical meningitis as blood mixed with the spinal fluid. So have problems with bright lights, loud noises and still get headaches daily. Can't drive or work for a year and am on anti seizure meds for a year aswell which are a pain as have already been changed as having really bad mood swings from the keppra so now on epilum. So thanks for this forum, a place to get info, chat and especially vent. Xxxx

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Hi there

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

I had a seizure when I had my SAH I was on sodiumvalporate for just over a year. I also had viral meningitis after too (never one thing is it)

hope you find the site help....take care

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Hello and welcome to BTG - glad you found us - it seems so much better recovering amongst fellow sah sufferers - people who can relate to what you have been through and are still going through. This site has benefitted so many, including myself, and I hope you too find it very supportive. All our experiences are slightly different - as is recovery - but at the same time there are a lot of similarities too. I hope the new medication will be better for you. It's great that you have a supportive hubby and I'm sure having your daughters will help you focus on your continued recovery. I know my 3 kids gave me a good incentive to keep me improving.

Hope to hear from you again,


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Good Morning & Welcome, This site has proven to be one of the most important part of my recovery. They are all so wonderful & helpful with all my questions. I had mine in Sept, 2011 & I am finally to a point where I understand most of it on most days! Make yourself at home, no judgements here.


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Hey there

Welcome to the site and to the family.

Make sure you're getting plenty of rest (listen to your body) and drink lots of fluid. It can be a long road to recovery but take as many pit stops as you like (this is my mantra for Newbies cos it helped me lots).

Look forward to chatting more.

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Hi Yjc

Welcome to BTG! You have indeed stumbled upon a great place to bem to get some much-needed advice, support and help during your recovery.

It has been a god-send finding this site, and I was lucky to find it within a few weeks of having my SAH and coiling :-)

I too had chemical meningitis, but they didn't say what had caused it... (My SAH happened 11/12/09 and I didn't go to hospital until 15/12/09 and had CT Scans and a lumbar punture, which didn't show any blood in the spinal fluid at that point, but I wonder if it had already mixed and caused the Chemical Meningitis...) I didn't know I had suffered this until I was told by my neuro-consultant at my 2nd follow-up appointment 14 months post op!

I too suffered massively from loud noise (or even not-so-loud noise!), bright lights and daily headaches initially. This has reduced over the past 2 years, however I do still have some issues with bright lights and sudden loud noises and the build-up of noise levels in the office I work in. In the early days of recovery I used to nearly jump out of my skin with sudden noises!

Lots of water is the key to limiting the onset of headaches, and I have found that decaf drinks can help too. And lots of rest when needed.

Take care

Kel x

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Thanks for all your support. This is an amazing place to get information and to read other peoples experiences with SAH. Have one question though, does anyone have problems with memory. I find that I am getting very forgetful and going to do or get something and then forgetting it all. Some might be laughed off as silly little things but others might not be. My hubby mentioned aswell that sometimes I talk loud so wondering if it's a problem with my hearing. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Hi and welcome! :-D

I'm yet to meet an SAH'er that hasn't had problems with their short term memory! :wink: I think that it's one of the more common problems after a brain injury and I would say, that what you're experiencing is pretty normal in terms of post SAH, so I wouldn't worry too much.

We recently had a thread on the SAH forum started by Dawn that may be helpful to you - http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?7569-Coping-Stategies I'm nearly 7 years on and still have to write notes as a reminder, it's become a way of life and doesn't bother me. I lose the plot when I'm trying to multi-task ... I can still walk into a room and then completely forget why I've gone in there and have to back track. Most of the times now, it doesn't happen so much, as I've learnt just to focus on the one thing ... however, I am about to hit 50 this year, so I know that even my friends do experience this, even though it perhaps not so pronounced.

As for talking a bit loud, then I would suggest that you go and see your GP and perhaps get your hearing checked out if it's a problem.

Wishing you well...xx

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