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Power Plates

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Heres a question for gym users

We have power plates at my gym which I use to use pre-SAH - for those who are don't know they are vibrating platforms used as exercise equipment - gives the body's muscles a high speed work out using vibrations to stimulate them - no cardiovascular benifits tho.

No one seems to know if I am safe to use them post SAH.

You can't use them if you have suffered DVT, have a coil (contraception) fitted or have pacemaker.

The staff at gym seem to think because I have coils in my head I shouldn't use them - but there has been no definitative answer. Even tried to go direct to power plate manufacturer but no joy there.

Any one aware of any reason why I shouldn't use them - does any one else use them - any reason why vibrations would do any damage to the coils in my head??


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Hi Karen,

I asked my daughter about this and she said if you have any form of epilepsy ...not to use them...Well that's what she

was told.....????

Good luck in finding out about them...let us know please xx


WinB143 xx

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Hi Karen - I think you already know the answer!

I think keep well clear of them. Gyms use these to attract customers. When it comes to diet and fitness it's often the case that if somethings not natural it's probably not a great idea, and getting shaken to bits doesn't really happen much in nature.. I have heard of people loosing tooth filings with these (true). So I can't imagine it being great for SAH recovery.

I think Bagpuss offers sound advice. Definitely check with neuro.


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Hi Karen,

If the Staff at the Gym don't recommend Power Plates, then you should not partake in this form of exercise. Consult your GP or Consultant at the hospital first, as none of us here, are medically qualified to advise you.... but if it's not recommended for use with a contraceptive coil or pacemaker then you need to step away from it, as I'm sure that you can find another form of exercise. It's really not worth taking the risk. The coiling procedure is relatively new in the terms of surgery and long term outcome, so I wouldn't think that much research/if any has been done with Coiling versus Power Plates ... you take care.

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I would ask your doc. When I asked mine about stuff not to do he said " there are only two things you shouldn't do and that is deep sea diving and bungee jumping. I went on these machine s for about 6 week ( my own choice ) my gym said it was fine but I didn't notice any difference so stopped

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