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Hi I'm Jules


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Hi Everyone

I would like to say thank you to you all you have helped my over the last several months. I have not felt well enough to post until now though.

I had my Sah in November but didn't realise it I thought I was having a breakdown. I couldn't stay awake, terrible headaches, couldn't write or communicate properly. I went to the doctors eventually and found out my blood pressure was sky high and was told to go to A and E immediately. Went through all the scans, lumbar puncture etc and had my burst aneurysm coiled on 5th Dec. just in time as it was about to bleed again. It was in the anterior communicating artery

I was in HDU for 2 weeks and had clot in my right lung. I have been very lucky in relation to my recovery but my immune system is still recovering.

I took Thorasic shingles on my right hand side on new year's eve and have still lost feeling in that area. I then had a chest infection, frozen shoulder and then another infection. It all seems to be my right hand side which is the side they operated on.

I had my 3 month review and the scan showed no more bleeds which was great. I have been through the neuro testing and have been going to rehab once a week since May.

Today was my first day back at work since 30th Nov and I am phasing myself back to 40hrs over the next 6weeks. I felt really weird and managed to totally break my laptop so they are having to get me new one :-D but I am glad to be back.

Like a lot of you a have found walking a necessity to remain sane and can now walk about 4 miles can't run yet as it hurts my head too much.

Sorry my post reads like a medical review but just thought I would get that bit over with;-)

Thanks to you all again from an observer up to now

Jules x

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Hi Jules and welcome sounds like you had quite a rough time of it I find any illness post SAH seems to take longer to recover from. I hope that your employer is going to do regular reviews with you before increasing your hours phased returns are a good thing as long as it works in your favour and takes account of how you feel Good luck with your return to work and let us know how you are getting on.

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Hope all goes well for you...and bright new laptop..clever move....lol J/K

When I was out of it I remember my daughter wanting me to play games with her, but it was me in dreamlike state (Hydocephelus)

She was moving my hand and making me do exercises on it ..I thought she was still my little baby and wanted me to squeeze

her hand. as she did when young..weird isn't it how the brain works..well mine..

Good Luck on recovery and do not overdo it Well Done x

All the Best

WinB143 x

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Thank you very much everyone :-D. You have made me feel very welcome

Win I know that dream like state well :lol:

Day two I have overdone it didn't listen to my signs, didn't go for a walk outside every couple hours like the hospital told me cos it was raining, and dissolved into mush:roll:

Someone from work has just left me home and I'm in bed. I'm a bit fed up with myself but at least I know now that I need to take the breaks that I agreed with my boss

Ah well I have survived my first week of phased return and am not in again until next Monday. I have set up the following for my return next week Monday and Tuesday 8 to 5 and then adding Wednesday for two weeks and then Thursday etc so will be full time by the end of August hopefully.

Love to all x

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Hi Jules and welcome to the site ditto what everyone else has said about going easy etc etc . Your doing great to be back at work !!!!! Hope you rest up and take it easy the rest of the day !!!! Where you treated in the Royal ??? thats where i had my op !!!!

Take Care Donna

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Hi Jules - looks like you are settling into life on BTG! You certainly had a rough time of it with all those added problems.

To me, it sounds like quite a rapid phased return to work for you - I hope you are ready for it, but be prepared to put the brakes on if it gets too much.

I wish you well in your continued recovery,

take care,


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Thanks everyone you are all so understanding cause I know you have all been there. I had my cry ,my sleep ,have my dark glasses on and feel much better just need to stop dizziness and head banging now :-D but you guys know all about that.

I agree whole heartedly with all your advice regarding water and I also learnt how good oxygen makes you feel when I was bad so try to get outside when I can

Yes I was in the Royal they were very good but like everyone else has experienced not so good at the after effects. Although at my review in April they referred me to Dr McCann the top guy in rehab at Musgrave Pk where I've being going weekly since May. It is really thanks to this support that I have been able to go back to work but my Nhs allocation is up at the end of July so they are talking about referring me to Headway after that.

Just heard that Dr Stephen Covey died what a great man he was he certainly was a big influence in my life. Better go as I am starting to ramble and drink some of that water.

Take Care all and thanks for your kindness

Getting a small white feather tattoo behind my left ear to mark my recovery.... Now you know I'm a bit crazy :lol:

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Hey Julie

Not crazy at all hun-I got a fairly large seraphim angel tatooed between my shoulder blades after my SAH:

Seraphim (singular "Seraph"), mentioned in Isaiah 6:1-7 serve as the caretakers of God's throne and continuously shout praises: The name Seraphim means "the burning ones." The Seraphim have six wings.

Not sure if there's pic of in my album on here, but feel free to have a look.

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Hey up Julie , welcome aboard ..... youve made a great decision to join imo .

Got to agree with Skippy here aswell .... if you want the tattoo , you go for it . You clearly deserve it :-D

Out of interest , are you any good at filling DVLA notification forms in ???? If you are , i may know someone who'd appreciate a little help with one :cool:

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