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Headaches...do they get better?

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Hey Vicki

The way your headaches affect you is as individual as your recovery I'm afraid. My neuro told me that 1/3 will not have headaches any worse than they did before the SAH, 1/3 will suffer headaches for the rest of their lives and the other 1/3 maybe lucky enough to not have headaches at all. Clipping, I believe, can add to the possibility of headaches sometimes being worse, but I'm not an expert and was coiled.

Diet can have a lot to do with headaches too - too much cheese, chocolate or caffeine can add to them. I found that cutting out the artifical sweetner aspartame and asculfame cut my headaches dramatically. The obvious cause is dehydration so make sure you're still drinking at least 2 litres throught the day.

Welcome to the site by the way :wink:

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Like Sami says everyone's recovery is different x x

I find I suffer with headaches more when I feel dizzy, tired or over done things x x

Hope you are feeling well and that the headaches ease for you very soon



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I was clipped & do get headaches still but nowhere near as bad as the sah pain. I tend to get sinus headaches when I'm too hot in bed & I am sensitive to pressure too. Most of my headaches are tiredness ones & paracetamol helps, sometimes I take ibuprofen too & use a steam cup to unblock my sinuses.

Once I woke up after the clipping the head pain had gone so that in itself was bliss!!

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Hello all and thankyou for the feedback, I will definately stop using artificial sweetener! And thankyou for the welcome to this site, this site has been a blessing indeed. I have a thousand questions to ask you all, the doctors don't seem to be able to answer many of the questions I have, have you found this as well?

Before I found this site, I felt so alone and 'differerent' but to read the comments and the way you are all feeling makes a huge difference. Have any of you found it difficult keeping friendships since the sah? I lost my very best friend after 30 years of the closest friendship, I don't know why though, she seemed so angry at me for being sick?

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Hiya Vicki,

Like Donna, I tend to get headaches when I've overdone things. From this site, I learned that drinking a couple of litres a day made a huge difference. A few weeks back, I discovered that I have diabetes insipidus which means my kidneys do not hold water (it's nothing to do with sugar intake). I was going to the loo literally every half hour or so and it was driving me nuts. I decided that I would cut the fluid intake and only drank when I felt slightly thirsty. It certainly helped the toilet issue, but the headaches were back within 2 days. I've decided that going to the loo at lot is better than not being able to think clearly or see straight!

Dawn x

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I had a headache that was fairly constant for 10 months. It felt like a hangover. Bright lights, noises etc really annoyed.

The doc gave me a prescription that lowered my BP and my pulse. The headaches, for the most part are gone. One side effect though is fatigue, as if it wasnt there before :D.... I prefer fatigue to headache.

Fluid intake does help. As for artificial sweeetners, I am diabetic and I havent really noticed an issue with those, but that is just me.

Oh in my case there was no aneurysm. Just the headache.

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Hi Vicki,

Welcome to the site. I appear to be going for the world record for headaches as I am now at 360 days straight (anniv in 5 days woo hoo). My headache when I left the hospital was an 8 and ranges from 4-8 throughout the day. It seems work makes it worse and by 5pm its full blown pain. I have pain medsthat help. I drink a ton of water, helps but doesnt cure. Even had a 9 headache last week. Thought it was an SAH. But it went away after a few minutes. Scared me though. Hope yours get better.


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Good morning all, and thankyou so much for the feedback, wow what a relief (although I'm sorry it is happening to you guys) to hear that you do have the headaches. My neuro said he couldn't see any reason why I would have headaches as he had clipped it and made it all better. Now that just made me feel bad and more unusual than I normally feel!

The pain just does not go away, and I laughed my head off at your comment Mary (hope I have your name right as I can read something and then forget is immediately) at poking your eyes out with a fork because you are so right. This wonderful site has saved my sanity.

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