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Unruptured Aneurysm Coiling operation was succesful - best news ever!!!

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Hi All,

I thought I'd post this for those that are looking for something positive if they are having the same op.

You might have read about my wife in the welcome section, well on Tuesday this week she had her Aneurysm succesfully coiled at Walton. The Aneurysm was 4mm in size and she had two platinum coils fitted, she had no adverse affects during the op and it took 2 hours in total. They didnt go through her groin as stated at lot on the web - they actually went through an arterey in her leg just to the left of her groin and in line with her hip - no shaving involved! And no major bleading from the wond after. She's doing amazingly, I brought her home yesterday, so I guess 1 day op, 4 hours in HDU, next day MRI, yesteday Dr gave the all clear. She was so happy when she came around after the op... She doesnt appear to be in any pain - just tired a lot which I can imagine is the norm. Walton have done an amazing job :-D

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Hey there

Excellent news - yes when we refer to "groin", that's the area we mean - mine was the top of my right thigh where it meets the groin (the femoral artery). I too have platinum coils - 9 grades of thickness apparently

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Wow, I'm surprised she was allowed to go home so soon. Sounds like things went perfectly - good for her!!! And you too. I've got platinum coils too, and like Penny, wonder what we'd all be worth now?:lol:

Congrats and thanks for sharing your good news!!!

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Guest Scarlett

Hi Mark,good to hear all is well with your wife. She is home really soon that's amazing. I really want my surgey over with as soon as possible. I see you are in Wales what part did you decide on the Walton because of problems here too? x

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