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Pregnancy following SAH

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Hi I joined only today but I have a question I wondered if anybody old help me with.

I am now 40 years old, I had my SAH last May. I have never wanted children, until now. Why did I have to reach 40yrs, suffered a SAH and be told I have a tilted cervix to realise I want a child:-(

My question is would it be safe for me to try for a child with my medical history?

I would be very grateful for a response:-)

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Hiya Patsy

Warm welcome, I turned 40 with no children & just before my SAH I got broody then the SAH & viral meningitis whats the odds eh!

I consoled myself with somedays I found it hard to think/look after myself let alone a child.

Hope someone else can answer your questions but really you'd be better speaking with your consultant & or GP about it....

take care

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There are 2 ladies on here that have become pregnant or had kids since their SAH. Jess has had 3 & Lynne (lin lin) is due any day now.

None of us here are medically qualified to say if you are safe so best speak to your Cons & get an expert point of view. I would guess unless their is an underlying cause such as high BP or being on blood thinners you should be ok.

I was 39 when I got pregnant so it is still possible, I also got pregnant at 42 the year before my SAH but miscarried. I think once you hit 40 the general risks go up anyway but if you think you might have problems getting pregnant you need to see your GP as soon as possible & explore any options that might be open to you.

Definitely speak to your neuro before making any plans though xxx

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Thanks for responding:-)

I do actually now suffer with high blood pressure (see my memory faults evident I forgot that until you said):-(

My next appointment with the neuro isn't until December sadly hence me asking here.

I understand you can't give me medical advice I just wondered if someone else may have been in the same situation.

Gives me a little hope though if others have conceived following SAH and the dreaded age of 40:-)

It's the tilted cervix that concerns me slightly, not sure how that would impact on carrying a child and labour.

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Hi Patsy,

I had a womb that tilted back and luckily had 2 children with no problems but I did have them both before the SAH so I can't comment on pregnancy or labour afterwards. I had also had several treatments on my cervix before I had my second child. Maybe asking for a referral to a gyneacologist (sorry I can't spell that!!) would be the way forward to have those questions properly answered? Hopefully you will see one before December but I'm guessing they would discuss things with your neuro doctor too.

Good luck!

Michelle x

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Thanks Michelle

I cannot believe I confided in my mum who has only gone and blurted my business out to the family:-( I am not very happy as at the moment it is all just in discussion. We have a family wedding at the weekend I just know they will bombard both myself and my husband:-(


I understand she has been desperate for a grandchild and never thought it would happen, but really! (rolls eyes)

I have emailed Cathy Stonely the neuro nurse specialist so hopefully she will respond and give me the information I require.

Thanks everyone for responding so quickly:-)

You are a lovely bunch :-)

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Hi Patsy!

I don't come on very often but didn't want to read and run :)

I had my SAH in June 2010 and I was coiled. I fell pregnant exactly 12 months later with my first baby after nearly 5 years of trying. My GP wrote to my consultant and his response was that I could have a normal obstetric led pregnancy. I was monitored closely but I also have Lupus and that was the reason for this not to do with my head. I chose to have a c-section as I was worried about all the pushing and pressure on my head although the consultant had said I could have a normal birth I felt better having my baby through the sunroof!!! Lol!.


I had my little man in March this year and everything went well! After I had him I developed high blood pressure which I'm told is common with pregnancy and was put on blood tablets (labetalol) and was on these tablets for about 3 months until my blood pressure went back to normal. Obviously everyone's case is different and I would discuss this with your consultant and your GP but my little man was worth it although I could do with a few more zzzzz's!!!!

Take care

Vicky xx

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I am pregnant – due date Friday!! I am 37 years old.

My SAH was on the 21st November 2009 and I was coiled. I had complications after surgery with hydrocephalus and came within a whisker of needing a shunt. I was in hospital for five weeks.


My physical recovery is considered good, but I’ve lost athleticism which, quite frankly, I find hard to accept! But I acknowledge that in medical terms, there are no physical problems.

Mental fatigue is a different matter and I seem to have a very small window for concentration and social contact. Busy, loud environments sap my energy quite quickly.


Prior to conceiving, my partner and I attended upon my Neuro Surgeon who confirmed that there was no reason why I could not try for a baby. I fell pregnant in November 2011 – two years after the SAH.


My pregnancy is Consultant led and I’ve had numerous appointments. Fatigue is a big problem and I’ve been exhausted throughout my pregnancy. I have needed to return to bed many times after preparing breakfast which may give you an idea of the level of the fatigue I’m suffering. There is no way I could have combined working with this pregnancy. I did manage some voluntary work at certain points, but my duties were exceptionally light and my parents often had to take me to and from work because I couldn’t safely drive there and back. In my second trimester, I was only managing one morning per week and had to stop all commitments in the third trimester. I am well supported with family which has made the situation very manageable.


My Consultant did discuss a C Section with me. This was not considered the best option for my circumstances. It was feared that surgery would compound my issues with fatigue and that my recovery – because of fatigue – would be arduous and compounded by the demands of looking after a newborn and breastfeeding etc. I notice that Vicky reports about her C Section in positive terms, and she has Lupus too, so maybe she is in a better position than me to comment upon this.


The plan for me is to have a normal birth but with an epidural. The rationale is that pain is fatiguing, so by taking away as much pain as possible, I can hopefully rest and conserve my energy for the pushing stage. There may also be a time limit on how long they will allow me to push, which does lead to the possibility of medical assistance. I am keeping an open mind as the variables are massive.

Good luck with everything. It is perhaps a good idea to get medical clearance in advance, just for reassurance. One thing is sure; they will keep a close eye on you. Obstetricians don’t get many SAH survivors as patients, so we make for very interesting case studies!

L xx

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thanks for the replies girls :-D

I also suffer with what I consider as chronic fatigue which has concerned me when I consider pregnancy. It's more after the birth that it worries me, would I be able to care effectively for a newborn :confused: I know my family would be supportive that isn't an issue for me really.

Congratulations on the birth of your son Vicky and good luck for the birth of your little one too Lin-Lin:-D

I suppose I just have to wait for the medics to respond to my many questions, how frustrating waiting though! Lol.

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Hi Patsy,

The waiting for answers is really tough isn't it, hang in there!

I sent you a pm a couple of days ago, hope you got it??

Lin- Lin.... Oooh not long now! Good luck honey.

Vicky.. Congrats on the birth of your son, hope you get to catch up on some zzzzzz's!!

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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I got a positive reply from the neuro nurse specialist:-)

She said there were no contraindications to me becoming pregnant:-)

I have to lose a couple of stone prior to though as I couldn't imagine trying to lose that on top of extra weight caused by pregnancy. I just need to convince my husband now that I can cope with the fatigue and a baby.

Watch this space:-)

Thank you for your replies ladies:-)

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I am 33 and have a boy who is 6 x x I suffered a SAH 4 years ago x x x x all the joy and smiles me son gives me makes me want another (oh and the fact that he has asked me LOADS can we have a baby i want a brother or sister) hehe


My way of thinking is x x x whatever will be will be x x if i get pregnant then it is meant to be and I will deal with issues on the way x x I know fatigue is going to be a BIG issue for me because it was with Jack x x x all I wanted to do then was sleep x x x

Things happen for a reason hun and we only get one life x x and the love yolu have/get from your child is amazing x x x


I am at the moment trying and even though I am VERY nervous I know that people on here will help me through x x x

Everyone is different hun BUT we are survivours (Second Chances) x x x


And also last time I had a C section and I would again x x not the best but ouchhhhhhh with labour too x x x :crazy::crazy: I am a wimp x x

LIN - so excited for you x x x hope all goes well x x x

lots love



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