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Hot days

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We have had a spell of hot weather recently. I know heat is relative and much of what we can stand is based on the climate we are used to

As a child I suffered from a mild case of sunstroke so I try to keep myself hydrated and wear a hat and loose clothing.

Since the SAH last year I have noticed and so has my wife, that the heat really kicks the daylights out of me.

Yesterday by noon I had a queasy tummy and decided to take the afternoon off, I also took today off and honestly I didn't do much.

I am wondering if the heat affects anyone else more than it used to. What do you do when you get knackered?

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Yep heat affects me more than the cold. I try to stay out of direct sun, wear a hat & drink lots. I think I am a party pooper as I stay indoors when its really hot otherwise my head hurts.

I managed 2 hours on the only hot day we had on holiday & when I take Nath to the park on a hot day I'm counting the minutes until we can go. I hate being hot & sweaty!!:oops::oops:

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Hi guys,

Yes, hot / cold weather seems to effect me differently now since SAH.

I have to stay out of direct heat or my head will really hurt, and get bad temple pressure.

Got myself a hat this year! A baseball cap I can stick my ponytail through the back of!

The heat really zaps me. I wish it was autumn all year round!!

Also, can't be without a hat in the winter as I get bad stabbing pains when it's cold. One day last winter I didn't realise how cold it was, went out without a hat and couldn't walk because of the pain. It really scared me.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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I cannot tolerate heat at all. The past 5 years have been terrible but this summer after the SAH was the worse. I literally feel after about 5 minutes of doing anything outside in this heat, I start to shake with fatigue and want to vomit. I have lichen planus and get a rash if I get hot even though I take a medical dose of anthistimes daily. I recently tried to cut back a little on them to see if it would help with fatigue but nope I just have several really itchy bumps from my experiment. This summer has been like living in hell with record highs & drought - I did better in the pool this year, last year ( comig up to my 1 year ) I felt I could not breathe even in the pool, I really struggled with the breathing /fatigue last summer as well but I think my head was getting ready to explode.

So yes, heat & being hot really bothers me!

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Extremes of temperature affect me but not necessarily heat itself more so with high humidity added to it and like Sarah a hat in winter is a must. I used have a large selection but had to get rid of most of them so looking forward to hat shopping in Autumn.

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I had my SAH July 8 of this year. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. We've had I don't know how many days over 100° this summer..

record breaking. Since the bleed, these hot days really affect me. Head becomes more painful and sensative, I get very queasy, and oh so tired. We have a very dry climate and that's bad enough. I used to love our local hot springs or taking a whirlpool...this is even worse!


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I agree that the humidity brings the heat home to roost! I also wear a ridiculous hat all the time after SAH...it just seemed right for some reason.

I also find that sometimes soaking my feet in water helps. I don't know why?

But with this all being said, I am cold if the temp is under 75 and hot if it's over 80. Such a limited range now.


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Good morning all. I've found I'm unable to tolerate the heat like I used to prior SAH. I live in Florida where it's hot most of the year. My only reprieve is the winter time when it's cooler and little humidity! I found fairly quickly that it was difficult gardening or doing anything outside unless I took breaks after about 15 minutes, drank water and rested a bit. Sometimes I was still determined to get back at it, regardless! On those days, I paid, lol. Many folks suggested wearing a hat when I was going to be out in the sun - it does help.

Since I've been visiting in California, I've noticed I can stay in the sun a bit longer without feeling so poorly. No humidity here (huge difference). I've made some big boo-boos; like taking my morning walk after the sun is up and trying to make it up the hills here :crazy::crazy::crazy. Some day I will learn all my limits, lol. In the mean time I try to remember to stay properly hydrated, wear a hat, and remember what I AM capable of.

Here's to staying cool :lol:

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