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Guest Cathy

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Guest Cathy

Hello I am a new member I found the site and wow it seems it could be my life saver. Mine is an unusual situation, the problem was caused by a surgeon cutting my artery when he was trying to remove a pituitary tumour. He failed to remove it, saving my life was just a little more important and that's what I was told for the after time too I have been left with the same after effects which I have read on your site. It makes me feel less of a failure when I read the problems I have are not in my mind. I am a positive person but I must admitt to having down days.......... difficult to put in words sorry this sounds so garbled but maybe next time I will make a little more sense!! I guess thats about it for now

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Welcome Molly!

Feel free to take all the time that you need .... :) Sounds as though you've had a rough time...

You're not the only one to have down days, as you've probably read from these boards.

We also have a chat in the Green Room each day, so if you're feeling up to it, come and join us ... :)

Will look forward to hearing more from you, but only when you're feeling up to it....

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Guest Firefly

:wink: Nice to meet you and welcome to the site!! I am a new member to the site also, everyone is so nice!!! :D I am so sorry you have had complications hun!! I will keep you in my prayers!! We all have our down days, that is what this group is for! We know how you are feeling!! This is the one place that you can come vent, ask questions, get support and E-Hugs!!! :wink:

I am almost 2 years post ruptured aneurysm with many complications also!! (long story!) I know how you feel hun, I had to learn patients and find peace with the situaton. I started listening to music and writing poetry, drawing, painting... Helps channel the bad into good. Good therapy!!

:?: What do you like to do?? When was the surgery??

Come visit any time!!! I am Tricia, 47 years old, I am a firefighter in recovery. Still have a long recovery due to my rupture, but getting better everyday. :D I just celebrated my 20 year wedding anniversary! :D

That made everything I have been through for the last 2 years worth ever min.!! I know I am blessed by God to have such an awesome husband and my life!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Take care & I hope to hear from you soon! Tricia

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Guest dirtypunk1970


I'm new here, too...

I love it on this site, everyone's so friendly.

I spend more time on here than I do on my punk forums now!!

Frances x

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Hi Molly-I feel for you.

That must have been very unexpected but we can at least all relate to the haemourrhage part.

Have they mentioned that you may have further non invasive treatment on the pituitary and can they try chemo or radio?

You don't sound any more garballed than the rest of us..honest!

You will certainly get a genuine welcome on this site and the support of many people so do keep in touch.

Andy P

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