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Greetings from Perth, Western Australia


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Greetings from Perth in Western Australia.

My wife suffered a Grade 5 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

on 13 January 2012 (yes, it was a Friday!) I've

shown her this website but she's not quite up to

sharing her personal experiences just yet.

Sandy was in intensive care for three weeks and

didn't really "come to" until about mid-March.

Nursing staff and I had one hell of a task trying

to convince her of the date. She was adamant it

was February and thought we must have been conspiring

against her!

She underwent coiling, the insertion of a shunt, a

tracheotomy, and a Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

(PEG) tube. She was forever trying to rip things out

of her body!!

I recall doctors warning me that, in all probability,

Sandy would end up in a vegetative state and in a

nursing home.

As her condition improved, my daughter and I had hope

that a best possible outcome would be that she was

wheelchair bound but with enough mental awareness to

ensure some quality of life.

Fast forward to today. Sandy walks unaided around the

home. Outdoors and in shopping malls etc she uses a

cane and my arm. She has the occasional fall but these

are becoming less frequent.

Incontinence seems to be a thing of the past.

She is doing puzzles in magazines and playing computer

games. Bejeweled anyone?

She has what is described as an ataxic gait and has

undergone a bit of a personality change. She's quieter

than before. I tell her that is not necessarily a bad


A different Sandy to the one pre-January 13, 2012. But

alive and kickin' and enjoying her grandkids.

I hope this story gives some hope to those of you who

are going through a harrowing time at the moment. My

wife has defied all the odds. Your loved one just might,




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Hi there well done to Sandy for continuing to improve hope you have many more happy years ahead of you.

I was told many things too and the biggest one to me was I had to get rid of my first child he is nine now I was stubborn too and it is great to read of others proving drs wrong too.

Hope Sandy feels ready to join us to soon because it really helps to talk ( in this case type lol ).

Send sandy my best. Talk soon. Jess.xxx

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Hi there & welcome to the site, glad you found us.

I have family in Perth WA.

My husband always says he's had the A. version wife & the B. version not many can say that.

I too have a shunt & tube in my brain - oh! the wonders of science.

take care & hope Sandy feels like chatting soon....I was SO like that but hey alive & you have another chance....

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I like to think we shunt ladies are special!

I too am quieter and slower than previously, that's not a bad thing. I also had a date challenge when I finally came round as well so she's not alone there.

Best wishes to you and your wife, glad to hear she's dong well,she will keep taking baby steps forward I'm sure.

Look forward to hearing from you and tel her to ask any questions or concerns. Someone here will have an experience to share.

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Daff, without the stuff in our heads we wouldnt be who we are.

By the way I was still making improvements at the 5year mark so never think this is it I did but constant pushing myself pruved them wrong I was not 80% disabled but 80% able...

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Thanks for the friendly welcome.

I am pleased that improvement continues, even as the

years elapse. From time to time I think Sandy may have


She was a fit, hard-working person and even now talks

about returning to the workforce in the future. Being on

a disability pension does not sit well with her!!

We discovered after the SAH that her Dad had similar

problems when in his 40's. That, plus the fact she was

a smoker, may have made her a prime candidate for

what happened. Anyone else have the genetic/smoking


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Les and Wife Hi,

Yes I have had similar to your wife, an Aunt on my Dads side, when I was little my Dad said that his sisters hubby

had hit his sister on head , but her boy had the same (my wicked minded family lol).

I was cooking a curry and had my sister on phone moaning about her son, my head was pounding and then my

Saviour, (my hubby) came in and poured me out a wine, then wallop down I went.

I was in cuckooland from August 2009 until September 2010 ~ that's when shunt was fitted thank goodness.

My husband said I would talk then sleep but I do not remember anything

Tell your wife I was told I would not walk, I do short distances and OT's said "put her in home", my hubby said no way.

Now I talk non stop lol and we are back to moaning at each other ie normal for us

Things get better give it time xx

Best of luck to you both

WinB143 xx

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I did read or hear that a big percentage of the population actually have aneurysms. Just that most don't burst and

people just live with them in ignorance.

Gosh Winb143, 13 months in la-la land. Your "Saviour" must be one hell of a fella!! Why the delay with the shunt

I wonder. It was the shunt that helped bring Sandy around, I'msure. And the negativity of a number of so-called professionals.

One loud, doom and gloom doctor, who ought to have known better, gave a very poor prediction on my wife's future. In the early days but in Sandy's presence. We had "words" about his pessimism. Co-incidence or not, from that day I could sense an improvement in her. Perhaps she had "heard" the conversation and was out to prove the doctor wrong. Will never know!!

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hi lescault

i have been reading your post's and although im so pleased your wife came through and is doing so well bought tears to my eyes and i was reliving our past hence me only posting now after a few days of your first posting.

i also went through very much the same with lin and four and a half years im still going through it. but to feel the relief that someone sandy has come out the other side with guts and determination to shake things off and stick up a finger at the dr who wrote her off please wish her well and go girl go girl best wish's to you all and good luck

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Les and Wife Hi again,

My family say I spoke but slept a lot and like you and family, I put mine through hell. Not my fault. lol

They were worried about my care in hospital as Surgeon was great but aftercare was not so great sad to say.

I got so many germs Ventriculitus, Sepsis and was in a coma for a while, all I am told as non of it I remember.

Shunt helped a great deal, my husband was afraid of me having it done, glad the surgeon made him change his

mind. I told surgeon as a joke my husband wants shunt op reversed, Surgeon said "Why is it not helping"

I said" yes but I do not stop talking now".

You and wifey sing and be happy, it helps. Take her for a coffee decaff !

Now comes the hard bit, being nice to us women, ahh I do make myself laugh.

Good luck to you Both and Smile. Always

Best Wishes

WinB143 x x

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