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chiropractic treatments after Ventriculoperitoneal shunt

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I know I haven't posted in awhile, and I am sorry for that...but I've been doing everything I can lately to just live my life the best I can without focusing on my SAH. However!...Lately, I have been having severe headaches with neck and back pains. It feels like someone is pulling on my shunt tubing and occasionally like I'm being stabbed in the head where the shunt is placed. The doctors tell me it is stress related and I just need to 'relax'...easy for them to say!


I was wondering if anyone here has experience with having chiropractic care after having a VP shunt placed? I don't want to risk kinking off the tubing somehow or something, but I also feel like my back is going to snap if I don't do something soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Stephanie Rubeck

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Steph I really think you need to ask your neuro about this kind of treatment.Its something only he/she can tell you really.

I would certainly try alternative therapies like accupuncture which may help but would be wary of manipulation without the necessary advice from someone medcially trained. I asked my registrar about massage which was fine (even head massage) but manipulation is something completely different.

Take care xxx

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Hi there

Yes I think you need to see your doc or go to see your neuro whatever is easiest & quickest - to put your mind at rest...

I would deff ask first before getting accupuncture.

Take care

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After my shunt was put in I never laid on that side as I was scared I might squash it lol  xx


Mine is a permanent shunt and I want it to last me an age !!


My head hurt sometimes and then itched so I bathed it in salt water, my Mum always said if in doubt bathe in warm salt water any cuts etc.


We must not stress my Surgeon said,  so I sing but if ever you are really worried always see a Doctor as we cannot take stress xx 


Good luck all of us and sing when down and keep your mind free from worry.


Saying that I told my hubby and Daughter I need a stress free life ha ha  pigs at 10 am lol


Cheer up and we'll have a sing song later  xxxx The Shunt Sisters  lol  Daffs is in charge xxxx 

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