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Moving slow but moving nonetheless


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Good Day Everyone. This is my first post. I have read quite a few stories that have helped greatly. Very informative and encouraging. On Apr 9th, 2013 I was in Philadelphia, PA (for work) just sitting down for dinner with my boss and co-worker around 8:30 pm. It was a beautiful warm spring night. Next thing I knew I was not feeling so well and felt dizzy and almost like I was being pulled away from everyone. Next I felt "the worst headache of my life", which I am sure you can relate. A ferocious headache. When they ask you, "On a scale from one to 10 how does you head feel?" I now know what a 10 is!

I never suffer from headaches or migraines so I knew something was terribly wrong. After about 15 min (which seemed like a lifetime) I told my boss to take me to the hospital. Little did I know I was at one of the finest neurological hospitals on the east coast of the U.S.; Jefferson University Hospital. What are the odds? Next thing I knew I was getting a CT Scan that confirmed a brain bleed. Then I was told it was an SAH, but, since I never lost consciousness and was able to talk they were not sure if it was from a aneurysm. I remember the doctors telling me the bleed looked like it was.

I the mean time my husband had been called and had to put our seven yr old daughter on the bus and drive four hours to PA not knowing my outcome. As the powers that be would have it, they did the angiogram and did not see an aneurysm but had to wait eight days in ICU for a second to confirm. The second was also negative, which is a blessing. I was released after two weeks and now home reading and wondering and moving at snail's pace.

It's slow going and the fear of this reoccurring has me pretty scared. Although, from what I have read the prognosis is good. Nights are tough and there is lots of pressure, like a rubber band tied around my head, but I am doing what I am told to do and trying to rest and heal. I am not one to sit around so resting is a new element in my life.

So, there you have it; my story. Similar to others I have read and thankful for that. There is hope and there is a future and I am still here and thankful I can raise my daughter.

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A very warm welcome to you Iola :) so glad you found us.

I love the end bit of your post... 'There is hope and there is a future and I am still here and thankful I can raise my daughter.' Great outlook :)

Like you i am a doing person, so found it very hard and frustrating at first not being the person i was before. 5 years on still have good days and bad days. Know if i push myself too far will pay for next couple of days.

Onwards and forwards so thankful to still be here too.

Take care and keep doing what you are doing xx

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Hi Iola (spelt with an i)

Nice name, you will see why I put that at end x

You are lucky your boss was there,

Now don't stress (That's what I was told) and be happy, Good luck to you and family xx

I cannot walk very far yet, but after my family being told I'd never walk again, I feel good about 60 to 100 yards of


All the best and stay positive xx

WinB143 Yes my Mum named me after her Winnie lol xx

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Thank you both for the kind words. Actually my nickname is "I". Yes, I can see and feel the change in me. Every day is a little better and my body lets me know when I've done too much and I did a couple days ago and felt it all the next day. I tell people I may walk slow right now but I still get there.

I was a very " get up and go" type person with little patience. My husband used to say I went from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds and back. Not now. I am actually telling him to be patient.

I will have my third angiogram in June and as uncomfortable as it is (not sure why they do not put a person completely asleep) I will feel a bit more sure I am okay.


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Welcome. As the others have said , take things slow, drink plenty of water and just be kind to yourself. Plenty of cuddles with your daughter is good healing medicine.

Take care, ask anything if you get worried. Someone will have an experience to share.

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Thank you. My biggest worry/scare is the severe dizziness that seems to come on out of nowhere in the evenings. I get this hot burning heavy tingly feeling in my head as though I am going to pass out. I don't and become very scared its all happening again. The back of my neck hurts too. Hard to get comfortable. My sleep patterns are way off and i do try and rest but it is difficult. I know I do too much during the day but when I am doing I am not thinking and takes my mind off my head, if that makes sense?

Just want to know this is all part of the healing process and others have encountered these issues as well.

Thanks again for your support. It truly helps.

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Hi I

If you feel really ill always go to Docs or hospital but in saying that I got dizzy and head felt hot, I used to use salt water to bathe scar area's. but you have not had op?

My sleep patterns were way off, I used to go to bed at 11 ish before SAH then after SAH I went to bed at 7/8 pm

got up at 3/4am (Scream) lol

If in any doubt put your mind at rest and see Doc. makes sense doesn't it?

Be well and put your mind at ease


WinB143 xx

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As Wins says , anything that's changing or very strange then best to get checked over.

I did had awful dizziness and nausea in the months after. Mu doctors prescribed me some tablets which are used for travel sickness , they did help( and do still as i still get it if im very tired or have overdone things)

In the early days it would come on very very quickly and all I could do was lie down and keep my eyes shut and play some calm music. Yes also to neck and back pain. Some members have suggested this is due to the blood dispersing, that seems to make sense. I used a hot Wheatie bag to ease that pain.

The main thing is that if you try and do too much, too fast, or just over stimulate the brain then it kinda shouts back at you and flicks the dizzy switch. Keep a check on what youre trying to do each day Iona. Chances are it might still be a bit too much over stimulant for the old grey matter. My youngest daughter was same age as yours is and I know how hard it is to achieve quiet and calm but truthfully it's what you need right now. Accept lots of offer of help so you can get the quiet rest time you need.

Oh one last thing. I found sleeping with my head slightly elevated helped.

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All your experiences are much appreciated. No, I do not have an incision and can only imagine that challenge. Spent most of the day in bed resting, which I do need. Quiet is nice but I do love hearing my daughter play. It helps the healing process all the more. Blessings to all.

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