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High blood pressure?

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Hello guys, had a good hard game of football today, indoor 5 a side and with the weather I would say it would have been maybe 30 degrees in the hall, thing is after my shower I went to get into the car when I noticed the veins in the side of my head were bulging and I mean really sticking out, all around both temples and I mean in a weird looking way.

I called one of the other boys over and he looked at it and was worried due to my history, reassured him I was fine which I was, felt really good especially after a good workout and only had the usual tingly sensation and a few panic attacks that morning which is pretty normal for me, if I had not seen them I would not have know they were sticking out.

Only explanation I have might be high blood pressure due to the workout which made the veins bulge so much and as I need to keep an eye on my blood pressure I was wondering if there was any specific symptoms to it or are we all different, I've never had blood pressure issues before so don't have a clue so any advice would be great.

I'm desy the football man,

I'm desy the football man,

I'm bulging n throbbing

My veins are a swelling

I'm desy the football man

Is me blood pressure high

Is me head gonne go bang

Is me worryin bout nothing

And just need some chillin

Think chasing young bucks

Who are much faster and fitter

Is doin me no good

Instead of getting me fitter

But I just can't stop playing

Never learn me lesson

Cuz I'm desy the football man

Sorry but me loves Popeye, 'twas me child hood lol

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Hi Desy,

I love the song, that's taken me back a few years!

Glad you're enjoying your work out, maybe you felt as you did purely from the exercise.

However, high blood pressure often does go undetected because of the lack of symptoms. The main symptoms are headaches (ummm, saying that to someone who has had an SAH! I for one still always have headaches!) and can cause blurry vision problems.

Perhaps look into getting a BP machine to use at home.

Obviously when you've had a stroke the last thing you want is high BP.

Mine was fluctuating quite a bit about a year and half ago (SAH was neary 3yrs ago) I was put on a 24hr monitor.

All is ok though, I just keep an eye on it.

Take care and keep singing!

SarahLou Xx

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Desy, if you have any concerns at all about anything the answer is to go and see your doctor. We are unqualified in the medical field and therefore unable to give any medical advice.

On saying that, it was extremely hot yesterday which possibly could have had a bearing on the bulging veins

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Like Sarah my BP was picked up as raised in the months before my head pop. No reason, otherwise fit i was fit and healthy.

Post SAH and I have a little tablet each day to manage it and keep it low. They wouldn't want yours raised too much with history of a bleed so best get it checked pronto, it shouldn't mean no footie.

But seriously how did you play footie in that heat:shock: ? I suggest iced drinks and more shade today...:wink:

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my bp was always fine pre sah but it has risen post sah & now I am on a tablet daily to keep it where it needs to be. Most gp's I saw post sah didn't even bother checking it but my lady GP I always try & see is much more involved in keeping me as well as possible.

Like most I had lots of headaches pre sah & now I prob have less but I also take fewer pain killers, I tend not to take anything unless its pretty bad or going on for too long. Pre sah I would prob take something every couple of days, after the pain of my anni most headaches don't seem too bad! Apart from the headaches I had no other symptoms

We have a monitor at home & I had the surgerys one at home for a week too, my lower figure was high so now I am bp meds & its good. Hubby is the one who is more active, eats healthy but his bp is always high.

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I take BP pills also Desy (blows whistle like popeye) and other week my temples were swollen, well I was dead and

buried in my mind (new glasses to tight ) stupid I am!!

I think to myself do I really need the pills, too scared to leave them off though.

Will do if Doc says.

Be Well Desy and take it slower and good luck

Did you win is the main point

Hope all is well now xx

WinB143 xx

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Well guys, didn't really think it was high blood pressure as I've never had it before or after SAH, at least that I know off but believe they were abnormal looking so bad that my mate panicked and offered to drive me home as he thought something really bad was wrong.

Well gone now and on the other hand it will be handy for Halloween, I'll just play a game of footie then paint my face green and hey presto I'm a big scary green bulging hulk :)


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I don't have high BP, but I am thin and active and my veins stick way out when it is hot or on my arms if they are below my heart etc. But, you could easily get it checked and then put the matter to rest. I would if it were out of the ordinary for me...but I'd probably check it myself at first. It is good advice to seek a professional if you have any questions though.


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