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6 month MRI/angiogram

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Hi guys, need to pick your brains lol

Got my 6 month check up which I was told by the doctor would be an mri angiogram to check coils are doing there job. Got letter yesterday which said I had to go for an mri, no mention of the angiogram side it of, sorry it said on small print on a different page that if required they will inject dye through my arm.

Would this be normal nhs practice to just say "MRI" when it will be an angiogram have any of you guys experienced this.

And the next bit is, the reason that I want to know is my mum has an appoiment, wait for it, on the same day, wait for it, in the same hospital, wait for it, in the same department, wait for it, for the same scan, not yet for the same illness, ok ok I'm milking it, yes she has aneurysms, they are micro ones behind the right eye found by an optician.

She has been told that they are not dangerous but they need to check the rest of her out to make sure thats all there is and I would like to drive her to the hospital but my appointment is two hours earlier and I'm thinking a scan is slightly different from the angiogram scan and I might not be able to take her.

And no I'm not making it up lol thanks in advance!!!

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I had a MRI angio, they do the MRI first bring you back out then put a line in your arm...

What a coincidence that not sure if driving after a MRI/angio is ok.

I know that its not after just an angiogram which is slightly different, why not ring them and ask.

take care

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Hello Desy.

I've only ever had MRI scans ( apart for the angio I had during the coiling). These showed enough detail so no angio required in my case.

I think if you were to have an angio they would tell you what to expect in the letter and the risks of angiogram etc.

Worth phoning to check..... and yes that is a coincidence!

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hi desy

yes its normal for the dye to be used it highlights all the blood vessels so they can get a very good impression of any problems there maybe a sensation not unpleasant when the dye goes in but there will be no problems it is another type of angiogram more informative so no worries I had one yesterday at the hospital take some ear plugs the machine can be noisy and I drove home no problem.

why don't you both go together and make a day of it if its like the hospitals I've been to you could have lunch in the cafeteria together its open to staff and patients relative's all the words are big but its not a problem I've had three now all close together and driven home if your lucky they will give you both a cuppa while you wait to have the catheter taken out of your arm look luck and let us know how you get on

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I have yearly MRI with contrast where they take photos and later inject dye and take more. This December will be my last one unless my tumor has grown. It is painless and I drive myself-I think... yes, pretty sure as I went to Neurosurgeons office afterwards and he went over my results. :)

Good Luck, Mary

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Take Mum for lunch.

I had an MRI 2 years ago and was signed off phew !! first time I had spoken to surgeon that I rememberand I never stopped talking to him a bit like your Mum I guess x

You have made me laugh and cry with 2 posts

Good luck to You n Ma

WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Desy,

I had an MRI/MRA just 4-1/2 months ago. Not painful, except for the headache after because of all the loud noises. The MRA (angio) dye is "warming" to say the least. If I remember correctly they will ask you if you are allergic to shellfish and you may have the feeling of peeing your pants!!

Hope all is well with you and you mother as well. God bless.


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Might just get that scan now while I'm waiting in casualty lol

Only joking, went to the doctors today and she sent me packing of to casualty for a ct scan.

Have been getting big jerks, milclonic jerks for about a month now and it's a nuisance just, but last night while lying I. Bed around 4:30am I took what she thinks is 3 epileptic fits (break dancing to you and me :) they were pretty bad so she wants me checked out ASAP which in nhs terms is about 8hours god bless them lol

I got the big E maybe just maybe

Just another we set back we will soon see

Tis all a bit boring seriously honestly

Will stand up tall and kick it In the goo....

Does it know who I am

Why I'm the miraculous man

No stroke no blood no sah

Twisted muscles, pain and when the confusion reigns

Just This big mess Ive been in

Ill defeat it, declare victory, hold my hands aloft

You can not stop me another victory you'll see

Sorry just bored here.

Ps them fancy blood moniter machines can't take my bp as my heart is dancing, old school finger on the pulse stylee lol

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Desy, you can sometimes get muscle twitches from other medical problems and it doesn't mean to say that you have gone on to develop epilepsy.

I did have seizures during and after my SAH and still experience some muscle twitching ... restless legs etc, but haven't developed epilepsy and have been off anti seizure meds for 7 years. There can be plenty of other causes, so please don't worry.

I'm sure that the medics will carry out the correct tests for you.

Wishing you well. xx

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Good you was in bed, that's the positive way of thinking.

I hope you feel rested after three of them.

Keep bright when possible as they scare me rotten.

I sometimes used to wake up and mouth twitched and I go snort!! No laughing Desy !!

When I had a full blown fit I felt like I had run a marathon.

Keep well and No Stress xx


WinB143 xx

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Still in casualty I'm such a trolly dolly now I've been on it that long lol

Can't wait to get up to the ward as its my partners ward and ill get spoilt rotten :) hmm midnight now prob not much point now tut lol

So not the big e phew but the big a :o lol three fits last night and two in casualty today it's anappalectic (spelling) lol shock I've to much adrenlen and go into shock which gets me pumping quite literally sends me crazy as the doctor says "are body's are still programmed to think we are being chased by lions lol) and go into shock to escape

That has to be the funniest prognoses a doc has give me yet, I was ROARING with laughter boom boom lol

Going to keep me in over night, do a few more tests mostly observestional and come up with a plan as how to reduce it as its so bad the doctor had to physicaly hold my head while another checked my eyes, it's so bad I can't even hold a cup of coffe or I will get sizzled.

To be serious for once mind I will honestly say that was the most scared I've been during any part of this illness

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