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Hi - Sharon - new member


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I'm not sure I should be a member on this forum, but I'll tell you my history and you can ask me to leave if you like (no offence will be taken).

1951 - my Maternal Grandmother died, Death certificate says "Brain haemorrhage" - she was 54.

2000 - my mother died of SAH - she was 53

My brother (then 32) and I (then 30) then get scheduled for 10 yearly MRI scans; 1st in 2001 - no issues for either of us :)

Brother gets scanned in 2010, as complaining of Headaches, and he is on High Blood pressure tabs - no problems.

I get scanned in September 2011 (although my GP did say - "do I really need the scan" - I insisted!)

I have a "few" aneurysms - ranging from 3mm to 6mm - I have one on right hand side coiled in November 2011 :) in Oxford for 2 days, back to work in 2 weeks - all good :)

no obvious symptoms, i'd always had bad headaches (minor migraines) but always put that down to eyesight / hormones etc..

I go back to see consultant (Mr Kerr) in March 2012 - he tells me they want to "sort" the one(s) on the left, they cant coil it, will need craniotomy to "CLIP" it - not urgent, waiting list is about 3 months...

I discussed with my husband (then fiancé) there is 7% risk for the Op, of stroke or loss of speech (based on where the aneurysm is); or we play a "wait and see" game - we decided to go for the op (as I was then 41, only 13 years away from 'that' age)...

9 months (of worrying) later I go into Oxford for the Op - all goes to plan (sort of) - they couldn't CLIP it, as the aneurysm was on a 'Y' shaped vein - so they "Wrapped" it (an 'old' technique they said) - with muscle from around my forehead/Head! In Oxford just over a week, back to work in 3 months, back driving after 10 months, feeling good!

Been seeing Mr Kerr every six months, next one on the 18/2 - the neuroradoligist(sp.) Dr K (who did the coiling) wants me to go to 2 year scans from now on; I want to stay at annual - which I think is what we'll be mainly discussing :wink:

Can't fault Oxfords medical care, but their administration etc. left a lot to be desired in my opinion..

anyways that's me - and as I say, I haven't actually had a SAH or a Stroke, so wont be offended if you ask me to leave - I will say that I have found a lot of useful information on here as a guest/browser :)


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Hi yellowdog and welcome to btg.

You're certainly in the right place and you've been through an immense amount. I too didn't have the bleed and was clipped before that happened(despite a long wait).

I think with regard to the scans its something that needs to be discussed and you need reassurance to be happy with the time period between scans. The only thing I would add us that the neuros are the experts and sometimes we have to defer to their wealth of knowledge. With clipping there are no regular scans as once clipped it should not move, there are others we who are coiled that are checked every few years moving to every five. I'm not sure if anyone on here has been wrapped but if there is I'm sure they will be on to reassure you.

I think you really have to be comfortable with every two years so you need to talk out the reasoning behind it.

Hope you appointment brings you some peace of mind xxx

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Thanks :)

I think my main reason behind wanting annual scans is two-fold; 1 because its been 'wrapped' not clipped and 2 because im getting closer to the age of 53/54 :)

and they did say there isn't a lot of research done into how fast/slow these things grow (I do have a couple more un-treated / tiny ones), or what could encourage them to grow more (blood pressure, stress etc. etc.).



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Hi Sharon,

It's natural to worry and welcome to BTG.

Do you feel okay in yourself?

My Surgeon said "No Stress whatsoever" so I take his advice and sing a lot and now I have been signed off

I do want another MRI in say 2 years . but deep down too many X Rays?? that worries me also.

Hard decision for you, perhaps once you get past "That Age" you will feel better.

My Aunt had a brain op and her son got it also. I was young so did not remember much about it.

Best Wishes and sing and smile we have made it this far xx xx

WinB143 xxxx

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Hi Sharon :)

A very warm welcome to BTG :)

You are certainly in the right place !

I hope you get some peace of mind at your appointment. It is natural to be worried after going through so much.

Let us know how you get on and please feel free to join in Forum discussions and the daily banter in the Green Room.

Take care xx

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Hi Sharon

I didn't have a bleed or stroke either (just 1 anni clipped in December), and like yourself found the forum really useful and have been made to feel very welcome. Any kind of surgery is daunting, let alone to the brain and everyone on here understands that.

I can totally appreciate why you're worried and why you would want to fight for annual MRIs, so I hope your consultant listens to your fears and can set them at ease.

It seems you've been very brave having undergone 2 very scary planned procedures, so keep that strength going to help you get to, and way beyond, 'that age'


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Hi Sharon,

Both my grandmother and mother died from hemorrhagic strokes. My grandmom was in her 80s and mom in her 70s.

Then, I come along and BAM at 47 sitting down for dinner I had a bleed. Never suffered from headaches, etc.... Mine was non-aneurysmal but still a bleed and it rocked my world!!

I learned quickly you must be your own advocate. I just asked my dr for a MRI/MRA at my one yr mark in Apr. You have to ask pointed questions so you and others will understand your need.

Good luck to you and recovery.


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Hi Sharon and a warm welcome to BTG. This is just the right place to be - with what you have been/are going through.

It's good that you are having regular scans to keep an eye on the aneurysms you have. I presume your consultant will explain his reasoning for opting for them every two years when you see him on 18th.

I had annual scans to check a 2nd anneurysm, but after the 4th annual MRI I was told I didn't need another one for 3 years - I was actually relieved by that as I took it to mean that they didn't expect it to change during that time and it felt like I had a bit of breathing space before the next one. They also check my anneurysm that ruptured as it has been left with a wide neck. I am due to go for the next scan next year and although I don't have the same reasons as you for being concerned about the age thing, I will be 53 when I go.

Wishing you all the best,


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