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Hello all,

I'm three weeks post op for grade 1 SAH and I'm experiencing headaches mostly in my temples and behind by eyes and ears . I know its early days but at what time do I worry? I'm obviously worried my coiling hasn't been successful (I'm sure you all experience this fear or similar!). When do I call 111 or my doctor ? If anyone? So scared its something sinister rather than healing xxxx

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Hi hun

Yes, its perfectly natural for you to feel anxious at the moment. We're not qualified to give you medical advice, but it may be that it's the blood is still dissipating back into your body from the bleed. I had headaches for a good year before they stopped. I was also told that it could take up to six months for the blood to be reabsorbed by the body.

As for when do you ring for help - that is entirely up to you and given what had happened to you, no-one will blame you for calling even if it's a false alarm. I was told by my consultant and GP that if I ever got too scared by a headache to call for an ambulance straight away.

If you're worried, see your GP and let them take it from there.

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If you're worried, go and see your Doctor and get your blood pressure checked etc. Headaches seem to be pretty normal post SAH and can often go on for quite a while and anxiety of "is it happening again" doesn't help and we've all been through it, so we know how you're feeling

Keep yourself hydrated with some water, take some rest and give your Doctor a call ... it will give you peace of mind.

I was told that it takes about 3 months for the blood to fully dissipate down the spinal cord and the early days/months post SAH are always very worrying ... We can't as a site, ever offer anyone medical advice, as no one on this site is qualified to do so.

Go and make a call to your Doctor. xx

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Sarah. No one enjoys taking pain killers but waiting until the pain is really bad is no good for you either. In the early days my nursing team explained I needed to get a regular cycle of pain relief and that in turn would help me relax a little which all helps with the healing.

It's not a defeat to take your pain relief medication as prescribed by the doctors, there are no prizes for going without. You will in time cut back and eventually, hopefully , no longer need any.

Good luck honey, try not to overdo things and drink lots of water and rest. Your brain has a lot of healing to be getting on with.

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My SAH was also a grade 1, headaches started instantly. Coiling op was within 48 hours but headaches continued and even got worse. They lasted about 4 weeks, but started to ease off after 2 weeks. I don't want to tempt fate but I haven't suffered a headache since. But tiredness is a constant thing.

If unsure you should consult your doctor.

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I'm not sure if this will help......I've had headaches all my life, some of which were so severe that when I had my aneurysm rupture, no, that wasn't the worst headache I'd ever had! But afterward the SAH, I started having some new headaches.

These felt mostly like they were in my eye on one side or the other. Then I realized that since I hadn't had any of my regular headaches since the SAH, I could finally recognize when I had a sinus headache. Maybe you're experiencing headaches that are the result of something else.

If you're stressed (and who wouldn't be after all this?), you may clench your teeth and send the muscle in your jaw into spasms. Now that hurts just like a bad headache.

If you're worried, I'd check with your doctor, but you might want to keep a headache diary maybe listing weather conditions, what you ate, and stuff like that to see if there is anything consistent about the headaches. It's also a handy thing to have to give to your doctor if you see him.

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When I was worried I would sing and think happy thoughts.

So much so I would laugh thinking about good times until I was crying with laughter.

I know it sounds daft but we all have a way in coping and that was mine.

So no stress and smile when possible.

Good Luck

WinB143 xx

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Hi Sarah,

I know we can't give medical advice, but I had my SAH (coiled) at the start of November 2013, and had headaches well into January.

My neurosurgeon referred me to a neurologist who specialises in headaches and he thinks my headaches were linked to migraines that I had pre-SAH and the blood sloshing around my head caused further irritation.

Things have improved since I started on beta blocker to prevent migraine.

But go see your doctor if you're worried - I've found them very kind even when it's a false alarm. The worrying definitely won't help.

All the best,


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Hi Sarah,

I had a grade 1/2 SAH in. November too and have suffered with headaches since.

I went to see my GP last week as the headache had lasted 2 weeks around my eyes/temples. She immediately panicked and sent me into hospital for a CT scan and lumbar puncture. All which came back clear. And was discharged.

I then spoke to my rehab nurse and she asked me if I was stressed/tired/worried etc etc.

It now appears that I am full of a cold so maybe it was my brain reacting or an infection that at the time I didn't know I had! I think we all have to learn the new us!!

It was a lot of fuss over nothing but by seeing my GP I have had anything more serious ruled out and also the stress and worry of that.

Go and see your GP, they will be able to help you however that help comes about.

Emma x

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