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Brain Training

Guest Clare

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Ok so mums birthday was the 1st August. Dad gave her a hefty wad of cash and took her shopping. Much to my surprise she marched straight into GAME and bought a Nintendo DS and 2 Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training games, explaining that she thought it was a good way to get her thinking back up to speed.

Now mum has always hated computer games but this I thought was an excellent idea.

She has been reading the instructions since she got it, and always got so tired reading that she never got round to actually playing it.

Yesterday she just switched it on and had a go, and she says it was relaly good. My dad had a go and he found it easy and he's completely technology illeterate.

So just incase none else hasn't thought of it, maybe it would be beneficial to other recovering SAHers

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Hey there

Yeah my daughter thought it'd be good and she'd bought one for herself. I've not had a go on it yet, but then I do crosswords and wordsearches on a regular basis - but I think it's a good idea. You can get a similar thing for the Nintendo Wii as well so I think we'll be looking into that soon :wink:

Sami xxx

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We're probably the ideal Nintendo customer! We have (takes a deep breath) various Game & Watches, NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Wii, Gameboy, Game Boy Colour, GBA, DS (each) and all the various stuff that goes with it. The Brain Training game is excellent and all the family play it. Best of all tho is the Wii which everyone who plays on it immediately wants one!


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Guest Hannah

We thought about this as a Christmas present for mum last year when things were still pretty bad and decided against it as we weren't sure she would remember how to switch it on etc...

Had forgotten all about it, may well be an idea for this Christmas



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OH you bunch of big kids. I'm starting to suspect this could just be an excuse for gaming :lol:

I can see how it would get tiring though. Mum wore herself out shouting the answers. :)

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Ha ha Clare! I'll have you know I was a full-on gamer pre-SAH, I'm embarassed to admit I would have happily spent 3-5 hours gaming on any given night - should explain why I never got to bed before 2 or 3am...

Post-SAH my bf at the time stopped me going near the pc for a while, and when I played my first game, half an hour was enough. I tend to play very fast first-person shoot-em-ups, and I dont feel that I could ever play for hours again - I tend to feel bit spun-out if I play for a long time now.

I did do lots of word searches in hospital, and you've all reminded me that a bit of brain stimulation goes a long way.

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Morning all!!

Heather loves Dr Kawashima games and has now bought both of them (for Louis!!). She isnt sure if it helps her but she loves it. Heather also says that the new one is hard but she is getting used to it. I think it helps her with her memory and some of her thought processes.

I love it as I am the best at it although sometimes Heather beats me at some of the games. Its a bit of a challenge for us as prior to the SAH she would have beaten me at more of them.

Anyway its time for my daily training!!


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Hi There

I was given a Nintendo DS for Christmas, along with Dr Kawa-wotsit 1 which I still do fairly regularly. My brain age varies from 70-something to, you better believe it......21!! Yes, really! Think I'd like the new one now. I also have New Super Mario which I love and is a necessity for us SAH-ers...or so I tell everyone! And I had Tetris but have lost it but that was good fun and good for hand/eye co-ordination too.

Would like a Wii but there's only so much wheedling Fiona can take!!

There are some downloadable games which are brilliant for concentration and memory - go to http://www.bigfishgames.com and try some of their Hidden Object games - you get a free trial for each one which'll keep you occupied for quite some time! Be warned, they are addictive....

Happy gaming.........

Sarah xx[/url]

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For all the Wii fans

I was having the same dilema. Would love a wii but brain training more important. Have just noticed they now to a brain academy for Wii. I've not tried either. Initial reports are that the orginal is best but the other is ok and you get to keep fit too if you buy sport. :lol:

Aine xox

I've discovered Pacman somewhere free online its great fun.

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Hi Claire my husband has bought me a nintendo ds lite for xmas along with more brain training in addition i have bought myself the original brain training , brain academy and 42 old style games card board etc i cannot wait till xmas day now and i have a new baby too so it will be his first xmas and i also have a 4 year old

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Hi All

I have had a Nintendo DS for about 3 weeks and it is very addictive. I have both Brain Trainings and find them helpful but can be tiring. Try the Scrabble game its great but how the heck do they get a full Scrabble Dictionary onto such a small chip plus the meaning of every word, I can't get my head round it.

There are quite a few adult games ( no not that type at least I don't think so!!!), but the kids games are good too

Merry Christmas to you all

John :shock:

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