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My Accident - Posted on behalf of Ollie K

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I was out with my friends for a night out in leeds. Somehow I ended up separated from everyone else and outside the club that everyone else was in. I realise that it was my fault and I should never have been as drunk as I was. But either way I ended up on my own and fell against the curb and had my haemmorhage. I woke up in hospital and it was probably the most terrifying experience of my life. Waking up and having absolutely no idea what had happened was awful and I would not wish it upon anybody.


I got out of hospital quick enough though and assumed that that meant I would be okay. Turns out I have massive problems sleeping and incredible tiredness throughout the day though if I dont get about 10-12 hours sleep. So I know this is a common problem after SAH and I was just wondering if anybody has found a way to conquer it and if so I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give.


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Hi Oliver

A warm welcome to BTG :)

So sorry this happened to you....very scary!

You have not said when this happened or what procedure you may have had after your haemorrhage?

In the early days we all suffer a great deal from fatigue and need to sleep a lot so that the brain can mend. Your body has been through a huge trauma and it takes time to recover.

I am nearly 7 years down the line since my SAH and I still suffer from fatigue.

The only advice I can give you is to take things slowly...listen to your body.

If I know I am doing something or going out, I have to rest up the day before and after. Also drink plenty of water.

Wishing you well.

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Hi Tina

It was only a few weeks ago that this happened so I suppose this is to be expected

By procedure are you meaning hospital procedure? If so all that happened is that I went in, had an iv drip, stayed in over the weekend and then left, no operations or anything

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Hi Oliver,


I think that Tina means did you have any surgery. I'm presuming that you hit your head when you fell and that caused the bleed? Very scary experience for you and would imagine that it's probably put you off of the drink too. 


I was told by my Consultant that it can take up to 3 months for the blood to fully dissipate down the spinal cord. Many of us have had sleep problems after the initial trauma of a bleed. I used to be awake often until 4 am in the morning and it was like torture. Plus you've probably given yourself a bit of a shock with your experience.


Fatigue is extremely common especially in the first few weeks/ months as the brain is trying to heal. As Tina has said, keep yourself hydrated as it does help with headaches etc. 


I'm presuming that you're not working at the minute since your injury? If you feel that you need help with sleeping, go and have a chat with your GP, I know that some members on here did have something prescribed to help them get back into a sleeping pattern.


It does honestly get better.

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Very early days for you Oliver....just take things very easy.
I was clipped and others have been coiled or like you no operation, but we all suffer similar problems and symptoms after a bleed.

There's lots of helpful information on the Forum, any questions just ask and someone will respond.
Take care.

Great advice from Karen and yes it does get better :)

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Hi Ollie,


Better lay off the booze for a while, if I can do it you can.


Also try not to stress yourself as we do not need worries when we have had a bleed.


As others said drink water and thank your lucky stars xx


Good luck on/off the booze




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Give yourself some time and don't push it.  Your brain will let you know when you can take the next step.  It is not a selfish act to give yourself permission to recover from any incident.  The brain is a very slow to heal sort of organ, so just channel the tortoise for now.



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Hi Ollie,

Sorry to hear your news, but you are in extremely good company here.

One thing that helped me understand what was actually going on, was reading "letter from my brain" which you will find pinned on this forum. That more than anything else joined the dots for me. It's been 11 months now - from the day I came home, my sleeping pattern was upside down. Even now if I get 5 hours, I feel thankful. There are meds which help but unfortunately my experience with them wasn't great due to side effects and withdrawal. , I found my neuro nurse at the hospital very helpful.

I quote from my Gp " Di, I can't answer your questions, as I don't ever see patients at this stage, as most of them don't make it".

That's not to say all gp's don't have a knowledge of this condition, just that the neuro staff do. So don't be afraid to pick up the phone and ring them for answers.

Wishing you all the best.. Di/poppy

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