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weather pressure

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Hello all,

Sorry if this has been discussed a lot before, and I expect it has, but I couldn't find anything to help me.


For the last few months (SAH coiled 10 months ago) I have had strange pressure and fluttering feelings in my head - feels like it's between my ears, but my hearing isn't affected. It happens especially when turning over in bed and lasts a few seconds - not pleasant.


Today it is constantly there across the back of my head, and I wondered whether it is because of the very humid weather conditions we are experiencing (south Midlands area) and if the difference in pressure from yesterday causes such feelings.


I would be grateful if anyone could help explain this.


Many Thanks


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Hi Debs,


Daffs and I have shunt fitted and when the weather is overcast we have both commented on our heads not feeling good.


Daffs might be able to help, I myself get it but I haven't  had it a while (touch wood).


Fluttering in head is what I had in the early days after shunt was fitted and then it went after I bathed my head in salt water.

My Mums answer to all ills was "Warm salt water"  but see Doc as Jess said as it will put your mind at ease and no stressing.


Good  luck

Winb143 xx xx

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I was strongly affected by the weather in the early days. Almost 4 years on, the weather adds to my fatigue but has nowhere near the impact it once had.

As everyone else suggests, it's best to check any new symptoms with your GP

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Hey Debbie. I am known now in our house as a bit of a barometer head. I blame the tubing for the shunt but truthfully I was always slightly affected by pressure change pre SAH and it's worse since but much improved from the first few years.

Like dawn I get extra tired but can experience flutters and increasing discomfort you described when it moves to low pressure. A lot of US folk who experience weather fluctuation report similar. So nothing to back it up just experiences.

My suggestion. Watch the sensations. Make a note in a diary with the weather pattern but if anything gets worse or increases discomfort or you are worried please go get checked out but if the sensation remains similar and subsides with changing weather then maybe like win and I you can sing a chorus or two of the weather girls when it gets bad to lift spirits.

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Thank you very much for your replies - it is much appreciated.


I saw my consultant last Wednesday because of a lot of symptoms I've been experiencing over the last few months. I did write a two page letter outlining the problems I've had over the last two years which he is going to put on the system. He was very sympathetic as my GP is at a loss as to what to do next. Apart from the head fluttering etc I also have balance problems. I have weakness in my right arm and leg with my gait very unsteady. There has been a momentary blindness on my right side and my voice, although always weak, has got worse with episodes of slurring. There has been a tremor in my right hand for a couple of years, but it has got worse and now affecting my left hand.


I am trying to be sensible about it all with my GP saying it's not a stroke (nothing on the last MRI) and probably due to the ME, and also maybe something to do with my lung deficiency, but my symptoms are getting worse with things I've never had before.


I suppose by asking the question on here, I was looking for a rational explanation but knowing that it can't explain everything. Again my thanks to you.


Anyway, my consultant said that I needed to have a lumbar puncture :( , and he would have a word with a couple of neurologists and refer me to one of them as soon as possible.


Sorry to have raved on a bit - it's good to write it down and to know that you understand my fears.

Take Care :)

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It is good to write it down we do know and understand...


Another one here that has a shunt and the beromiter head was going to say when I started to read this if your at all concerned see the GP but you have..

Hopefully the lumbar puncture will give an answer to it, take care and please keep us updated or if you just want to rant that's fine....

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Does help Debs,


When worried come on here and put it down it feels like a weight has been lifted off shoulders.


I keep getting cramps in my hand and although I joke about it, scares me witless but we'll overcome it.


Don't bottle it up as it isn't good for us/you xx


Good luck with the LP xx stings me thinking about it. x 


Win xx xx

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