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I had a clipping and craniotomy five years ago. I only remember going down with pain in.my head and then waking up in recovery asking if I'd been done. After that all I.knew was the pain had gone for the first time in 6 weeks so although I felt like I'd been trampled it was great to be pain free.

Hope that helps in some way x

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I had a craniotomy in 2009. The incision went from my right temple, along the hairline, to the bottom of my ear. As I remember, portions of the skull at the temple were plated back together while bones down near my ear basically were bonded with some sort of cement. Directly after the surgery, the incision looked horrendous, like Frankenstein; but, it healed and isn't even noticeable. My scalp had weird, itchy sensations for some time as the nerves re-established. Over time, the area of skull that was plated has sunken a bit, so I am a little dented at the temple. Overall, the craniotomy was much easier to recover from than the SAH was an it sure beats worry about whether or not that second aneurysm would burst.

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