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Life insurance

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Has anyone managed to get life insurance after an sah? My life insurance ran out a couple of months after my sah (small one clipped plus another mini one being monitored) and I've been rejected for insurance. It was a grade 1 bleed with no complications. Insurer asked for access to approach my doctor for more information (which I reluctantly agreed to!) and now they're saying they won't offer me anything at this stage (4 months post bleed) but will review in 3 months.

Keen to try another insurer...I thought I'd gone with one that had been recommended as accepting sah people but I'm not keen that more insurers see my file and then reject me!

Any recommendations, please let me know (or pm if it's not appropriate to post here).

Many thanks


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Andrea do you think it's maybe because you have another one I don't know, could you not phone the insurance company and ask them for a reason you haven't been excepted, I haven't really thought of it as my family will get a payout from my work place.

Hope you can find some soon xxx

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Win, I am not a guru of anything but thank you for your vote of confidence. :)


Sadly I know nothing about life insurance. The only thing I could suggest is to contact The Stroke Association and see if they can suggest a provider. 


The other option is to wait until the review and see what they say. You may be able to get it then but I suspect the premium will go up horrendously.

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