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Going back to work

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Jim had a tough day today. When I was at work yesterday for a few hours he felt really well and decided he was able to do a few things. After over doing it yesterday he is very tired today and says his legs feel like lead.

He wanted me to ask how long it was before you went back to work and also if in the beginning there were restrictions for you to return.

We did not receive a lot of information when we left the hospital, which as we try to cope with this event in our lives we feel somewhat concerned with. My thinking is that it would be wonderful if there was some type of booklet that they give you when you suffer from SAH so you could read it and it would help you understand what you are going through.

We were more or less wheeled to the hospital entrance and put in the car and said "Good Luck"

Take care,



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I completely understand where you are coming from, you do feel frightened and worried when you leave hospital.

I was signed off work for 4 months. Returning to work was one of the hardest things I've done I saw my company Doctor who agreed a slow return to work, basically a couple of weeks at shorter hours with at least one day working from home.

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Hi Cal

It's understandable that Jim wants to do things. It's such a great feeling when you have a good day and are able to do stuff. You feel like things are getting back to normal, but you usually end up paying for overdoing things later.

I went back to work after 3.5 months which is about the earliest anyone could be expected to return to work following SAH. I worked short hours for a few weeks, but found it very hard and I know now that I returned too soon. As I've said above, It was good to feel that things were getting back to normal. As for Jim's return to work, a lot depends on his recovery rate and the type of job he does. Jim will know when he is ready. I did, and my wife said I wasn't .... and yes, she was right, as usual!

My wife was given a useful booklet when I left hospital. I did try to read some of it in hospital, but I had it confiscated! We have a section on this site on recovery from SAH with the experiences of some of our members. You can read it here

Hope this helps


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Hi Cal

Yes I know how Jim feels to want to do things, I used to do too much eventually I found how far I could go (push myself)

I havent been able to return to work because of the extent of the SAH, everyone is different in what they can & cant do, if I were to work part time I wouldnt be able to do things like wash, iron, & cook you know the mundane tasks & Ronnie would have to do a full days work and come home and do what I couldnt, I found that it (for me) just wasnt worth it.

I do hope that makes sense to you, I did however go to college right up till summer 2007 which was 2, 1/2 days so I did have the experience of it.

Take care sending hugs to you both.


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From the advice that I was given by my hospital, it's about 3 - 6 months before you return to work.....probably at the very earliest .... it should be a phased return and on reduced hours .....and depends on the individual situation and how the bleed has affected you etc.... Hopefully, Jim has a sympathetic employer?

I returned to work at 3 months .... as felt pressurised to do so......but only lasted 2 hours, as it was way too early for me and I wasn't well enough. Recovery is very individual to each and every one of us and Jim will have to consider this, when he decides to return to work .....

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H i Jim and Cal

I was told I would never work again after my first SAH- have to say I didn't really think that would be the case, but after another one, have had to accept this.

It is pretty hard, but I do think, eventually you adapt your lifestyle, but as Karen said , this can take a while, so dont expect miracles, yet. I do think the longer you give your body to recover is best, so be kind to yourself.

My mum used to say the dust will still be there tomorrow! which is true, it still is!! And so am I !!!

have a good weekend janex

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Hi there

I went back after three weeks - but my case is exceptional - I'm lucky in that my husband and I run our own company and I could have a bed in the office - Paul used to check that I wasn't sat up for any longer than a couple of hours at a time. The only reason I went back early was because I was panicking being on my own and it calmed me being in the office with people.

Recovery is very much an individual thing and my GP did sign me off work for 12 weeks. Only Jim will know when he feels ready to return and it's something that will need to be discussed with Jim's employer. Just make sure that he doesn't rush into work too soon and end up setting himself back.

Take care

Sami xxx

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Hi there

As everyone has said it's a really individual thing and only Jim will know when he's ready. I'm still not back at work (SAH Sept 06 then clipping of 2nd annie Oct 07), indeed I left my employment as I knew I wouldn't be back for a long time. It was also a high pressure high profile job which I won't be able to do any more - life's too short for that kind of stress and pressure.

I'm beginning to cast about for a 'laid back' part time job and I know I'm extremely fortunate in that there's no urgency for me to have to work. It's still very, very hard for me to cope with any kind of pressure, confrontation and stress so a job that's got of any of that is an absolute no-no.

We're all at different stages and with different post-SAH 'legacies' but here on this site we have one thing in common - we understand each other, a priceless commodity.

Keep moving forward

Sarah xx

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