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Electric shocks!

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A stupid question I know but does anyone else suffer from electric shocks. Since my SAH (well never noticed them before) I give electric shocks to whatever I touch, the cat, tv, stereo anything and lately as well if I touch/ kiss Simon I give him one too. :oops: They seem to be getting worse too, there was a sort of spark (which scared us both and made us jump :lol: I know people say about their electric lovelife but this is mad! Am I the only nutter!?


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Hi Laura

Can't say I've noticed an increase in my stactic levels since SAH but I have always been prone to quite a lot of excessive static I used to own a mini and as much as I loved my car I always got shocked when opening and closing the doors.

Janet x

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I was like it before the SAH ...... so can't blame it on the coils or anything else.. Where I used to work, they had nylon cord carpet and I was forever getting shocks off the photocopier, metal door frames, metal sink, door handles ...... as well as my car when I left work ..... it probably depends on what you're wearing too...

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Hey there

Nope, you're not on your own. I've definitely noticed that I'm more static that I was before - especially when closing the car door or walking around the supermarket with a trolley - annoying and sometimes painful.


Sami xxx

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I do sometimes get shocks when touching the sink or taps, but I had a pair of slippers once that would produce a quite painful visible spark if I touched anyone. It only happened if I was standing on the laminate floor in our dining room/kitchen. It was great for winding up the kids ... they would run a mile if I came near them :lol:

I can't say that it's any worse since SAH.



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