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Post SAH sudden headaches advice and support

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Hello everyone,

My mother suffered a SAH in 2012 which was coiled. This site really supported her and my family throughout her initial recovery, so I'm really hoping for some advice.


My mum has been doing fairly well up until recently. She gets the usual headaches and pressure feelings, but recently (in the last month or so) she started to get quite sudden headaches. They mostly subside after taking paracetamol but often can linger on and occur again later in the day. She says the come from nowhere and can be quite intense. 

I'm wondering if anyone else has every experienced this in the years post-SAH? 


The worry is always there as I would never want her to go through another SAH so any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Apr90, welcome to BTG. Sorry to hear about your mum but glad the site was of help to her during her initial recovery.


It's impossible for us to say what is causing her sudden headaches and we are not qualified to give medical advice. Has she had a chat with her GP re this complaint? He may be able to give a diagnosis or if not will be able to refer her to someone who can. Alternatively is there a Nurse Specialist at the hospital she was treated? If there is maybe a call to them to discuss the headaches.


Sorry I am not able to be of more help. Hope you and your Mum manage to get some answers soon.. Keep us posted on any progress you make and hope your Mum is not plagued by too many headaches.


Clare xx

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Would be prudent for your mum seeing her GP again. Headway have nurse specialists that she could contact and speak to. They will be able to give your mum medical advice.

I can understand how worrying these headaches are for all of you, especially your mum, and worry by her could possibly make them worse.

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I agree with Clare and Super Mario, I think any onset of headaches should be investigated and with her history I would be surprised if they didn't think it worth a follow up.


There are many things that cause headaches but if it was me I would be back in the doctors or phoning my  treating neuro hospital and asking for advice. Most of the main UK treating hospitals  have a neuro specialist nursing team she should be able to contact but if not then Headway or the Brain and spine foundation are both excellent . 

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Hi Ap90

I'm sorry your mum is having problems with headaches.

I have to agree with the advice that has already been given.


I recently had a sudden on Set of a really severe pain in my head while I was out shopping 

which literally stopped me in my tracks, i contacted my doctor and was seen the same day, because of my history with SAH she called an ambulance and i was taken to hospital, I had head scanned and blood tests, all came back fine.


At the time I was having to deal with a lot of family stress, the doctor said this sudden headache could have been caused by that.

I have distanced myself from that stress and have felt a lot better, do you know if your mum has anything going on that could be causing her stress.

I would definitely advise speaking to someone about your mum's headaches.


Please keep us informed, i hope your mum is soon feeling better.



Michelle xx 



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