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Dental treatment

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I have a real bad toothache but my dentist refused to treat me, especially after the SAH and seizures, i know that i need an extraction she has referred me to a hospital but i cannot live with the pain for weeks on end. Has anyone had dental treatment soon after SAH and by the way i am terrified of dentists.

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I'm off to the dentist this afternoon too .... it's only a check up ...... I've also had a bit of an issue with dentists in the last couple of weeks and it's a long boring story!

I know that I've got some problems and one of them is an abcess, so I need to get that sorted out ASAP. From what I've learned recently, any serious infection in your mouth or anywhere else in the body (bacterial endocarditis), isn't good for any of us that have a history of aneurysms and I would strongly advise anybody to make sure that they're having regular dental check ups, especially if they have an untreated annie, as I've been told that antibiotics are usually given when dental treatment/surgery is performed.......http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/ask_the_doc ... rysm.shtml This is a subject where we could all do with proper medical guidance from a healthcare professional..... If anybody is seeing their Consultant soon, please could they pose the question, it would be interesting to hear what they say.

Good luck Myra ..... I'm also scared....

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Hi Myra

I lost a crown and chipped a tooth over the SAH period. My dentist refused to treat me until I got the hospital to okay an anaesthetic. I asked my neurosurgeon at my 3 month review and he said it was okay. One of the primary concerns of my dentist was if I was uptight my blood pressure would go up. When it came to the actual treatment I was fine, just relieved to get my tooth sorted out.

Have noted Karen's remarks about any serious infection in your mouth or anywhere else in the body (bacterial endocarditis). Information like this is paramount if we are all to maintain better health post SAH.

There was no mention of this to me at any time or in any literature I was given post SAH.

Hope you resolve this soon

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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There's a small snippet of info re: dental treatment on the Salford Royal NHS website, but it's only basic stuff ...

Is it safe for me to have dental treatment?

Dental treatment is safe after a subarachnoid haemorrhage. If you have had surgery, you may find that you have pain in your jaw for several weeks, particularly when opening your mouth or chewing, and therefore you may find that it is more comfortable to postpone treatment, where possible, until your jaw is less painful.

Extract quoted from the following web page: http://www.srht.nhs.uk/patient--visitor ... al_treatme

Just caught your post Tina ...... if you remember to ask, then that would be great ..... xx

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I rang the hospital and made an appointment myself, i was on the system so did not have problems but the earliest appointment is on the 28the July. I was given antibiotics by my dentist but yes i do feel that anyone who has had SAH does not have much information regarding their condition.

My husband who lives in Germany had one of his staff who suffered SAH in October 2007, he was in hospital for 2 months, he was then referred to a rehab clinic that is like a hotel the hospital medical insurance arranged all his housing and other benefits before he was even discharged and all dental and other information was given to him if he should encounter any problems, this made his life a lot easier.

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