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anniversary day.


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Hi all.
So I haven't been on here for quite some time. 
Life has been busy and stressful.

This time last year I was being blue lighted to hospital having suffered a SAH. 

I feel very emotional today and didn't really expect that.  
It's been such a rollercoaster year I've barely had time to reflect on my own illness and health. 

I found myself with a few hours to myself today though (for the first time since leaving hospital. Seriously)
and it has been very much at the forefront of my mind. 

I need an early night tonight as i'm pretty exhausted. 

Hope everyone is well. 

Deb. xx

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Hello Deb,  well done for sharing with us one year on from your SAH.


I sympathise with your struggles during the past year as you have tried to deal with recovering from your SAH and having to deal with the other issues in your life. You have had a tough time.


It would be great and  a benefit to others if you could summarise the highs and lows of the past 12 months.

However if you want to leave this for a later time that is ok.


Take care Deb, and always remember that BTG is always around to offer you support. `As they often say, `A burden shared is a burden halved`.





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Thank you for your reply.
The highs? Well, I survived. I'm here to tell the tale so they say. 

I have accepted the 'new me' the old me has gone, replaced by one who cares less about what others think of me. 

Says things as they are, no beating about the bush these days haha. 
That is partly down to there being less of a filter and partly 'there are more important things in life to worry about' attitude.

I take pleasure in little things, like half an hour in blissful peace and quiet with a cup of tea. This is something I used to take for granted, but not anymore. 

Appreciating what I have. A beautiful family, my cats and dog, a roof over my head, a warm bed every night. 

They might sound trivial but I have something that many others don't and for that I am grateful....

The lows? Hmmm.... there are many 

The poor memory persists. I get frustrated, others get frustrated with me. We plod along though. 

Headaches.. urgghhh... though much better than the early days which is a big positive, they do still plague me and still worry me, especially if it's an odd pain, or in a different part of my head to normal. 

Fatigue gets me. Every. Single. Day. Some days it will creep up on me and others? BANG! I'm floored, can barely lift my head.

I try to walk as much as possible but I find even a short walk exhausting. 

I have some weakness in my left side for which I am awaiting some physio. I have an appointment next week with an occupational therapist so things are progressing. 

I think if I was able to concentrate on me, my health and my own recovery I would maybe improve quicker, but sadly that's not possible at the moment. 
But all in all I'm feeling pretty positive. 

Take care all. 

Deb. xx

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Hi Deb


Congrats on getting through the first year (and toughest year in my opinion).


I felt the same as you a year into my recovery - now nearly 11 years on, there are days when I barely register the fact.  The sharp twinges get me now and again and the one thing my specialist said to me was not to worry about these as the brain itself doesn't feel pain - not that comforting when you're in the throws of panic about an alien pain!!


If you get worried, get to your GP pronto.


As for the fatigue, that first year for me was tiring and trying - for me the fatigue didn't really disappear until 18 months or so, but rest when you need to rest.

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Well done for making it through that first year you have achieved so much.  I hope fatigue does gradually get better and I know sometimes over two years later I have a sudden pain in head and freeze thinking is another SAH. I don't think it will ever leave I just manage it better.  I wish you much luck for the future 


Sharon xx

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Hi Deb,


Congratulations on reaching that milestone.  The first year is always the toughest in my opinion.


That's because you are dealing with the enormity of what has happened to you mentally and physically  - and because you don't know what to expect. 


Sometimes that creates a fear all of its own, but on the other hand we get positives like you, who says to themselves 'If that's the worst you can do I'm going to live my life and get on with it the best I can.'  That's a great attitude to have!  Well done.


Poor memory, headaches and fatigue - three 'popular' themes that get many of us especially on muggy days like these.  Atmospheric pressure varies and seems to cause a few of us problems when it is high or low!  Keep doing what you can to deal with the changes that have happened to you.  Look forwards, not back, and you'll be fine - and don't compare yourself to the past 'you'.  That's like comparing Sarah Millican with Judie Dench - they're so different (not better or worse - just different) and you are not comparing like with like - so don't do it, otherwise you'll just upset yourself.


SAH puts life in context and makes you re-evaluate your values in life. Nothing wrong with that, just a bit miffed that it took a SAH to make me do it.  Six and a half years later and I am much better  now than I was but I still have my moments!


Glad you made it through!



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Thank you all so much. 
I forgot how supportive this lovely group can be. 

I have such busy days with my daughter that I barely have time to think half the time. 
Now that we have the summer holidays, that means no tutors back and forth the house and hopefully less appointments, so I will make more effort to come on here. 

My moto since the day I left hospital has always been 'onwards and upwards'  

Take care all. 
Deb. xx

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