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Does the weather play havoc with our heads my head feels relly full and heavy sometimes and i feel more twinges

and pains x x i am also sooooooooo tired lately but put that down to doing more and my body adjusting x x my legs also feel weak at the

same time x x Blinking weather :lol::lol: Blinking tirdness also :lol::lol:

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Hi Donna

Yes the weather does seem to affect the way my head feels also. Sunny weather is fine but the hot humid weather really makes my head bad. Also in Winter the extreme cold and bitter winds makes it quite sore as well.

Janet x

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Hi Donna that is nothing to do with your SAH that is the pressure with the weather doing that you only notice it more now because of what happened but if you were to sit down and think about it I bet it used to happen before aswell. And anyone would get tired if they are suddenly doing alot more so try not to worry. Jess.xxx

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Does anyone have problems with their heartbeat mine beats so fast sometimes for no reason i can be relaxing and then all off a

sudden it starts pounding x

I had an irregular heartbeat in hospital and had to be shocked once to get it back normal............i had an ECG a few weeks ago

and they didnt say anything so i presumed all is well x x

Its one of those things that is worrying me, my BP is fine also x x sometimes i feel i am gasping for breath a bit also x x

My consultant didnt say anything to me at my 3 month check so put it down to a problem at the time of my operation x

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I used to always compain about the weather & people thought I was paranoid not since I meet all you guys, I know I'm not.....

Yes the weather plays havoc on my head, just before a storm my legs are sore all my musels even my hands swell up god its not a pretty site I can tell you....

ah well you just have to enjoy good days.....

hugs, Louise.xx

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