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How life changes


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I am the wife of someone who suffered SAH and it has really changed our life’s.  My husband had his 8 weeks ago and is suffering with fatigue and anxiety (although he will not admit it).  I told him to look on here last night and he says it’s mostly for women but I don’t think it is.  I thought he’d benefit from reading other people’s experiences.


We are a couple who usually had a very active social lifestyle but now he is unable to do the things we used to and he feels that this isn’t fair on me at this moment.  I assure him I don’t mind as long as he is getting better that’s all that matters. I must admit I keep having flashbacks at night of what happened and it does play on my mind.  Thanks for listening 

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Hi TJ,


I ask my Hubby what happened and he and Daughter do not like to talk about it as they thought I was going to die.


It upsets them as I had Ventriculitis and Sepsis also..  But I knew I was getting better as we argue now lol  ie life is back to normal  xx


We do not see what our loved ones went through while we was out of it !! 


I was going to Spain but since shunt in I am scared of flying !!


Wishing you both good luck and hope to see you in Green room daily thread sometime  xxxx  Tell hubby it helps to know he isn't the only one and a trouble shared and so on xx 


This site helped me and my Daughter so wishing you both Good luck xx

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Hello and a warm welcome to BTG.


I have moved your post to the Introduce Yourself Forum so that it can be followed and commented on more easily.


While we do not give medical advice... our members offer much support from relating from their own experiences, and as you mentioned to your husband... there is much support available from reading the many comments by members over a period of more than 10 years.


I do hope you can encourage him to look in and start reading some of the `Introduce Yourself` posts.  He will find that there are many men who have related their experiences and their early struggles post SAH.  All of these are very interesting and frank reads and would prove most helpful and informative for your husband, and of course for yourself.


Your comment about your lives being changed is one hundred per cent common in each situation.  We are here to help you understand and cope with what you are both experiencing.


You may also have noted the Carer`s Forum.


Please tell us more about your circumstances surrounding your husband`s SAH. 


Each SAH recovery journey is unique and we wish both of you the strength you need to deal with the challenges you will face in the days ahead.




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Hi, welcome to BTG,


Sorry to hear that your husband suffered an SAH, you have come to the right place for advice and support, you will find a wealth of very good information to help you understand what your husband has gone through.


You will find this forum so beneficial to both of you, if you can manage to persuade him to have a look, if not maybe you could just read some of the INTRODUCE YOURSELF posts to him, if you come across one that is very similar to his situation it may help to get him interested, I think he will be surprised to find out how many male members we have here.


We all have a different rate of recovery, he will be very tired and probably not up to doing very much because of the fatigue, just make sure he drinks plenty of water and has plenty of rest, his body and brain have suffered a huge trauma and they need lots of time to recover.


This is a very difficult time for you also and you must make sure you look after yourself, it will take time for you to come to terms with such a shocking event, don't be scared of coming here and asking questions we will always be here for you both.


The recovery road can be a bumpy road at times and we will do all we can to help you as you start the recovery journey together.

Best Wishes to you both


Michelle xx 

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This site isn't just or mainly for women.  It's for people, men included - like me!  When this kind of event hits us, we all need a bit of a lift and this site gives you plenty of guidance and support and allows us all to share our experiences.


It's a major trauma your hubby has suffered and SAH is no respecter of  age, religion, colour or creed.  Anyone can suffer and virtually everyone needs help afterwards.  Surely it's better to have the help available and not need it than the other way round.  It's no time for pride or obstinacy, it's time to embrace the change and find the best ways to overcome , or adapt, and move forward. There has usually been somebody who has walked the walk beforehand.  Why turn it down, it's free and it will help.


Good luck,



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Welcome to the site.  I am also one of the many men who frequent this site.  This site is for survivors, care-givers, and other supporters regardless of their sex.  It has been of such value and support for me and I hope it provides the same for you and your husband.


Best wishes



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