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What Happened? - Greasly23


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So here I am two weeks after my bleed on the brain, home after the most confusing time ever. I remember the immense pain in my head and waiting for the ambulance, the scans at one hospital, then blue lighted to the neuro unit at another hospital. A coiling operation, more pain, scans, drugs and now I'm home and wondering if I will ever be the same again.


This is a terrifying experience to go through, I'm glad I found you lot here. I'm hoping you can help me make sense of how I feel, early days I know and I can't say I'm looking forward to the path ahead. But onwards and hopefully upwards

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It is a long haul but we are here to prove there is a life after an SAH xxx


I was doom and gloom when first came to, after a shunt was fitted I realised  "I am a Survivor" as it was like a light going on.


You will get better but take it slow at first  ...All on here are living proof that we are Survivors, cannot wait to hear your story xxx 


This is a brilliant site and made me laugh which I thought I'd never do xxxx 


Good luck 


WinB143 alias Win 


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Hi welcome to BTG glad you have found us. It is really early days for you. Take it very slowly and drink plenty of water. The first few weeks will pass in a blur of sleep and confusion but it will get better in time.


Tell us more about yourself and your bleed, do you have plenty of family support? It is a terrifying experience for us but more so for our families I think as they are the ones watching everything going on and wondering if their loved one will ever be the same. I don' remember much about those first few weeks, just little snippets like scenes in a film. 


Trust me you will feel better in time but that is the key word - time. Don't rush to do things, do one thing a day no more and gradually build up when you feel able. If you work don't even think about that for at least 3 months and then make a phased return.


Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.


Clare xx

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I made it downstairs to the sofa today. My dog was pleased to see me, my two teenage sons still seem quite unsure around me, they are used to their mum just getting on with things, so this has thrown them. My fiancée has been incredible, I dread to think what I would do without her right now. I've never felt so tired and weak. My hearing is very strange, as if I'm underwater, music sounds out of tune and voices sound like high pitched chipmunks.


I'm signed off work for 4 weeks and they want me to return sooner, I'm exhausted though, I slept for 2 hours after brushing my teeth and washing. I can't think about work.

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A Letter From Your Brain - By Stephanie St. Claire ©1996  is on here somewhere perhaps someone can link it to you Greasly.


It tells you what you and your brains been through.


Good luck in recovery xx




Win xx Been on here since 2010 and still cannot find things arghhhh xxx



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Hi Greasly a very warm welcome to BTG :)


I too had that horrible underwater thing with my hearing, also sudden high pitch sounds that used to make me jump. This did not improve, so they gently suctioned my ears as found i had loads of blood from my surgery stuck in there. This stopped the underwater problem, but i still got the high pitch sounds on and off for some time. Maybe get them to check your ears if does not improve. 


It is very early days for you and you are going to feel absolutely exhausted from doing the smallest of things. It is your bodies way of telling you or making you rest up ;) Your brain has had a major trauma. Be kind to yourself and drink plenty of water, i am sure they told you this in hospital.


Good to know your fiancée is incredible and supporting you, it is also a very scary time for her and your sons when their loved one is so poorly.

It turns everyones world upside down.  There is also a carers section, should she want support and information too.


Take care Greasly and we look forward to hearing how you are doing.


Tina xx

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Hi there and warm welcome glad you found the site.


Its very early days yes the lack of energy is common all I can add is rest lots (I know easy) keep well hydrated and listen to your body when it says rest then do-so.

know that we all know exactly what your going through.


Your sons are teenagers they'll adapt.. 


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