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Stiffneck collar

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One of my main problems is my neck. My surgery was occipital/cerebelum area.

Apart from the feeling that my head weighs a ton at times, it hurts to turn round quickly and other times there´s a feeling of pressure and pain if I start doing physical jobs around the house and have to bend down. I´m waiting for an appointment with a physiotherapist any day and in the meantime, I´ve been advised by a neurosurgeon to swim and my GP has given me a stiffneck collar to wear a couple of hours a day. I have to admit that it does provide a feeling of relief as is takes off the pressure of the weight from my muscles. Has anyone had a similar experience with a stiffneck collar? Should I try to make do without it?

My GP is not a neurologist. Is there any counterindication in using this device? Sorry if I sound paranoid, but my SAH is recent and everything seems suspicious and dangerous.....

Any tipis will be very welcome,

Love, Nurianna

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Hi Nurianna :D

I suffered with my neck and head pressure for quite as while. Still do if i get tired. My hubby got me a bean bag type of thing that you heat up in the microwave and wrap around your neck and shoulders. I found it did help. Cant help on the stiffneck collar....but if it helps you...wear it for a couple of hours. Sometimes you have to find what is best for you....but always check with your Doctor or Consultant first.

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Hello love xx

I have been suffering really bad with my neck for these past few days and they gave me some tablets which i stopped because they have to many side effects............touch wood not to bad x

I am going to try and find one of these bean bags i have been told they are good..... plus i have my v pillow i love x x x

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For well over a year after the SAH, my head used to feel as though it weighed a ton and too heavy for my neck to support ..... I would find myself propping up my head with my hand, even when I was walking around ..... it's much better now. I have never used a collar, but would wrap the V pillow around my neck, especially if we were on a long car journey.

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