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Tunes to sooth: The healing power of music

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I love listening and playing music I can play most instruments however I do make the odd mistake since sah but that might be because I don't have the time to play anymore. Thanks for that Keith I was singing in hospital ABBA at the top of my voice whilst I was recovering don't think the nurses were to impressed. I said to my mom how did I sound she said I was in tune and fine so I don't care :lol: Jess.xxx

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Hi everyone!

I have recently discovered a song called "Alegria" from Le Cirque Du Soleil. There´s something magic about and it gives me the strength and energy to acomplish anything. I found it on Youtube.com. The best version in my opinion is the one hung by Vinterleker.

Lots of love


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I have always loved music and do sing a bit, even won medals when I was at school :oops: ..........kids are now saying I sound like a scalded cat (They always said that anyway) but my friends say my voice is better.......lol (Think they humouring me) :lol::lol:

Don't think I'll be the next Billy Holliday or anything though. Love Charlie Landsborough, very soft and soothing and I inherited all my brothers music when he died. Absolutely tons of it. A whole lifetimes collection. The range of music I like is endless from whats in the charts now to classical and contemporary. Bit of jazz though not a big fan. I am not very good at playing instruments though I can play the piano a bit and also the squeezebox. I hate RAP cos to me thats not music.

I think music is a great soother and healer and also what we listen to (or me anyway) sort of reflects my mood.

Happy listening folks

Mollie xxxxx

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Mollie, I've often wondered how you've been ... hope that you will come back once your surgery is over with ... I've got a feeling that I'm going to be in the same position as you, when I have my next scan .... suffice to say, that if surgery is needed, then I'm going to have it .... can't be doing with the SAH recovery again...... but also understand how you're feeling .... sending love to you... xx I know that I've gone off topic, but hey!! :lol:

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Hi all tunes that sooth and relax me:

Joss Stone,Duffy,Corinne Baily Ray,David Jordan, Adele all discovered since my sah.

always enjoyed

Eva Cassidy,Boys to Men, Reggae

played all the time when I'm driving with the sun shinning bliss.

If I can't get out to drive (fuzzy day) I stay in and play them full blast I need an empty house and neighbour to be at work though.


I do like to sing along but aparently I sound like Hilda Ogden bless.

Joise xx

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