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5 months tomorrow

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Well 5 months on..................

If I look back at what i have achieved and where i have been and things i have done i have done fab x x x

I just need to hit this anxiety in the bud and what i think is depression because i look blinking miserable all the time x x

I feel tired alot..........and eyes not fantastic but i can see x x

So if i really look at it i am doing great and should be grateful how i am x x ( its just strange at the moment the feelings i have )

WHY am i so fed up when i am ALIVE ................. did you guys feel this way and does the feeling of being fed up get better....

you guys are the best and thankyou ALL for your help

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Well done on the 5month mark its still so ealry days but looking at the plus points then in another 5 months the'll be more.....

Yes, I felt that way and yes it got better, I started to have a few more better days than bad and that was the start of it, but going to the councellor is really going to help you....


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Hi Donna

Happy 5 months, and congratulations!

I guess that you feel so tired all the time because of how down you're feeling and that WILL pass, believe me. 5 months is still very very early, even though it might not feel like it right now. As Louise says, you'll eventually have more good days than bad days. We've all been there and, at the time, couldn't believe it would get any better but it does, so keep reminding yourself of that.

Take care

Sarah xx :wink:

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Hey Donna

Well done - that started off as quite a positive posting hun!!

I didn't start to "see" an improvement until about the 6 to 8 month mark and, as daft as this sounds, this miserable weather isn't going to be helping your moods. You're doing really well and need to stay positive - remember we talked about distraction too, make sure that you have something that can take your mind off things - dwelling doesn't help. Also, try to start accepting things and who you now are - I know that once I'd done that then things started to get better for me emotionally. I'm always at the end of the phone hun and will pop over whenever I can/or when you need me.

Take care and keep that chin up.

Love n hugs

Sami xxx

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