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I still can't believe it's now been a whole year. At first I was a bit scared of this day, but it's really not been too bad, nothing scary or dramatic happened, it turned out just like every other day.

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Kay.... a big well done to you (and your partner) 12 months on.


So much has happened since you  cut your finger on that tin of chicken soup a year ago  :)!


To recover from your initial bleed and then find that months later the medics would have to deal with another aneurysm .... well you really have had to go `through the mill` !!  The second wait, not to mention the delay in the procedure must have been so hard for you both.


But you are here now, and it is clear from your thread that your BTG friends have been supporting you all the way.


You`ve done the hard bit. You can handle the recovery road and I wish you well as you tackle the challenges in year 2.



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Congratulations on arriving at your 1st anni-versary Kay.  You have remained so positive throughout and have dealt with it all admirably - well done.


Wishing you the best for the next 12 months and beyond,



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Hey there Kay.


well done you on marking the first year that has passed since your bleed , it is a milestone worthy to note and nod your head to.  Each day that has passed and That follows will continue to Offer progress and change so I offer you the best Churchill quote which is a bit of a mantra for me,


” if you are going through hell, keep going“ 


steady as you go. 

Daff x

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