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Eye Sight

Guest Shiree

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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone else has what i can only call "floaters" in their vision. I do notice them most of the time, like tiny black dots. Not blurry, just annoying, and if so do they eventually get better???



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HI Shiree :D

I have blurry double vision....the double vision is only at night and when tired now....but no floaters....i agree with Myra...have you been to have your eyes tested, might be able to sort it out for you hunxxxx

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Shiree

I've had black floaters in front of my eyes for several years now (long before SAH). My doctor said it was vitreous detachment and not to worry. Sometimes I notice it more than others, I would really notice it more on a sunny day.

It's probably worth mentioning it to your GP if it's a new thing.


Anne xx

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I get them too! In fact I had them quite a lot today and yesterday, mine is worse with tiredness and when a headache (most of the time) I never had them before. My doctor was concerned as they even are different colours sometimes black and sometimes yellow but the consultant wasn't too worried but then he wasn't worried about the headaches either!

Love and hugs



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Was that Rosie or the younger lady (can't remember her name)? .... I know that the younger lady had similar probs to me and think that the conversation with her, was really helpful to Eric ... as he could see that it wasn't just me .... think that it was that meet that spurred me on to do more meets....

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Hi there

I had floaters in my eyes as a result of an assault I received from one of my old clients ( was part and parcel to my job unfortunately although retired some people don't forget). I was told by optician that I'm stuck with them but that they may ease. I am pleased to say they are very rarely a problem now. I used to wear contact lenses prior to my SAH but not any longer, my eyes are now too sensitive. I have had two eye tests since SAH and my eyesight has deterioated on both occasions but only minimally.

Please don't worry about floaters they will either disappear or eventually you'll become unaware of them.



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