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Its 18 months since my life was turned upside doen. I had a SAH due to an aneurysm rupture.


The resulting craniotomy to clip the pesky artery has left me with homonymous hemianopia on the left side.


Im not allowed to drive anymore, but i have become much fitter, completing a few half marathons and the London marathon this year with my partner running as my guide. 


However, i still get low, frustrated and angry sometimes. I miss my old life. 

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Welcome to BTG, sorry I can’t make you feel any less low but hope you find the site useful. 


I think  it is normal to miss our old lives,  a Sah is so sudden it never gives you a chance to adjust. People always say be grateful you are still alive but that doesn’t take away the yearning to be back as we were. 


Sounds lke you are doing really well with your running!  It must be great to have such a supportive partner. I run too but not marathon distance! 


Clare xx 

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Well done on the marathon, that’s an amazing feat and especially post SAH and I hope you enjoyed it.


Do you talk to anyone about how you feel? It sounds like your partner is very supportive but sometimes when things change life as we knew it  so suddenly and dramatically then it’s difficult to adjust without resentment and frustration and anger and at the same time you find yourself with a sense of grieve for the life you had. 


I do recommend getting some counselling, it helped me adjust to some of my life changes. Also try writing it down, that also helps you get some of the thoughts out. 


I know it probably feels like a lifetime but 18months is still early and there will Be changes and progress I hope for you as you continue to adapt and adjust but the feelings I thing are normal but don’t let them fester , get some support to work it through. And keep running! 

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Hi Jase,


My old life was work get a few bottles of wine on the way home, and I am surprised I had an SAH lol 


So I do not miss my old life apart from not being able to walk that far nowdays.


So if you see an old dear in Sainsbury's being pushed by her hubby ..Yep it is me especially if the air is blue lol xxxx 


Be well and thank your lucky stars you can spend time with Partner xxxx Without my Hubby I would be lost.


So pleased you made it xxxx  Welcome to BTG ….The Survivors club.  There is a life after a bleed.  

Well done on being able to run xxxxx



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Hi Jase a very warm welcome to BTG.


Some great posts above from Clare, Daff, Win & Chris.

At 18 months i felt very much like you do now. It does get better, just takes time to adjust to such a life changing event.

There will still be good days and bad days along the way, but you survived and sounds like you are doing really well.


Be kind to yourself and be proud of how far you have come and all you have achieved.


Take care and let us know how you are doing.

Tina xx

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Absolutely amazing that you managed to do the London Marathon so soon after a SAH, that is hugely positive to have achieved that. It should help to give you real belief in yourself,  I'm sure you can now achieve anything you put your mind to.

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