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My story in Love it magazine

Guest Lucie

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd let you know that my story is in Love it magazine at the moment. It's pretty cheesy (written in first person, but not by me!) but I did what I wanted to do in highlighting young people suffering from this and how it can be perceived by professionals as just a migraine or drink spiking due to my age. Have even had my first piece of fan mail from a girl who said how brave I was ha ha! Bring on Fern and Phil ;) x

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I'm great thanks Laura. Hope you're good, haven't been on here much recently, so am catching up on a night in.

It's on page 27, was really embarrassed for the first few days and didn't tell anyone apart from my family, but my dad told me I should be proud, so there you go! Happy reading! x

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They were ok actually, I was very strict about not signing until I;d had my read through. They did embellish a few things but I made them change those. I wasn't so keen on them taking the "mistaken spiked drink route" but it was true. Guess they're always going to want to dramatise it. Still, it's good to get the awareness

Hey Lucie

I'll nip out and buy it. My story was in Love It a couple of years back and sincerely hope they treated your story with more respect than they treated mine.

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Lucie and many thanks for emailing your story to me ....

Hope that life is treating you a lot kinder now and well done for getting your degree! At least I was 38 when I had the warning bleed and 42 with this SAH .... but 24 is so young ...... had my first child at that age and you're only 3 years old than he is now .... bless you....must have been a huge worry for your parents too.

Wishing you well Lucie and lots of luck for the future.... well done for getting your story printed.

Love K xx

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All the best Lucie, enjoyed the story, you were/are so young!I have a daughter your age and would be so scared if that happened to her.

At least you were close to Hope Hospital which is a centre of excellence for SAH.

Really well done on being able to return to your degree so quickly and all the best

Thanks for e mailing the story


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