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Aneurysm Warrior is back


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Hi everyone I’m Norma

I have been on this site many years ago in January 2010 following a subarachnoid haemorrhage.  It was the worst time of my life.  I had two aneurysms behind my left eye which were coiled.  The recovery was a long agonising time for me and even up until now I have never felt the same person I was before it all happened.  I suffer severe fatigue and constant headaches.  


However I have managed to get through life with my good and bad days up until last October 2018.  I was called back to the Neuro centre and told I had another aneurysm at the back of my head which had grown in size.  They also told me that the two aneurysms that were previously coiled appear to be leaking but need a proper look into. I went in for surgery mid October and had the aneurysm at the back of my head coiled.


All went well with surgery but the surgeon told me whilst operating they had a look at my other two coiled aneurysms, he said to me go home get better and we will get you back in for more surgery.  So had my pre op 2 weeks ago, I’m now on blood thinners again and my operation is this Wednesday 27th February.  The two aneurysms will be coiled again and I will also have two stents put in.  Wish me look everyone. xx


So here I am back here to chat to people who know how I feel.  Will also get to know you a bit more in the next few weeks so I can also give my support to you guys.  Big hugs and kisses 

Norma xx

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Hello Norma,


Good job they are keeping eye on your coils, when I had mine I was discharged and they said "any problems see Doc then he will refer you to us.


I had a bad seizure 2017/18 unlike any other I have ever had.  Was sent to see my Epilepsy Specialist.  Had the MRI and he said 2 other little bleeds but they have healed themselves. (had seizures since 14/puberty).  So knew it wasn't right


I was in full panic mode. Was so scared so I know how you feel,  So at least you know they are keeping an eye on you.  Mine healed on their own but was so scared for a while ...So we are here when you want to give vent etc. 


Good luck and I wont tell you no stress as I went into full blown stress mode xxxx  

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Hi Norma,

Best wishes on your surgery and for a great recovery.  This site is a wonderful resource. so many with such insight and words of kindness.  Please let us know how you are doing.  {{{hugs}}}  Will be thinking of you... 



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Thank you all for your kind comments.  Omg Winb it must have been so scary them leaving you like that waiting whilst a time bomb was ticking in your head, glad you are better now.   I can say the Neuro Walton Centre in Liverpool is amazing Thank God, staff are fantastic.


big hugs to you all xxx



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I'm supposed to cheer you up Norma  lol xxxx 


Good thing is I didn't know as I would have stressed more.  Wonder why my Surgeon said never stress...it is bad for you .


But they were only tiddlers I guess.  You be well and try and think of happy thoughts and songs xxx My answer to all ills xxx


Speak/Type soon xxx  ha xxxx  Get your smile back Norma xxxx




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