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update x

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Hi all

I was just letting people know my update x x

I am nearly 9 months post sah x x I have been getting back ache lately and pains in the back of my head x x x

I still get nausea and my eyes are still not good ( poor vision ).........

I know I have come far but I just woundered if others still had these feelings x x

I also keep having that funny sensation that comes over my body and head x x

I am still not 100% when I have to stand for a while either x x

Thankyou all for helping me get this far x x

dont know what I would of done without you x x

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Hi Donna

I remember that it was very difficult for you in the beginning and as you know we had the SAH more or less around the same time.

I still suffer a lot from nausea and I often get sudden pains in the head. I still get those weird sensations from my head to my feet but those are not so bad now as before.

I still stuggle with some things like balance and speech which really does not help. I feel embarrassed by it at times.

I think that going back to work Donna was good I really would like to do that but my GP still does not feel that it is wise just yet.

We both have come a long way and no doubt we will carry on getting better.

This website has helped a great deal with my recovery. We are all unique and should really give ourselves a pat on the back with our recoveries, everyone here has helped to get where we are now.

Myra xx

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Hi Donna :D

Yes all of what you are experiencing i have...i still have dizzy balance problems and my eyes still not right....but look how well you have done......back to work......as Myra says you should be very proud and give yourself a pat on the back!!!

take care

Lots of love to you.... ROFL.... :wink:

Love Tina xx

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Hi Donna try not to worry I know its easy for me to say that now after 6yrs but I felt exactly the same as you at the beginning still do on occasions, at the minute got pains in my head and neck and numbness in my face and ear. Jess.xxx

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Hi Donna,

You are doing great honey. I am 2 an a bit years on and I still get a lot of headaches, nausea, dizziness and back of the head/neck pain. It has definitely got better than a year ago (except for headaches) bjut definitely comes and gos for odd spells, especially when tired and stressed. All your pains I think are pretty normal for an SAH survivor.

Did you have a lumber puncture? My doc thinks my back pain is from the lumber puncture and he says it will be with probably for life. However my LP was carried out incorrectly so that could be to blame.

Going back to work has definitely given you confidence. Just think of the differences between you and Jack nine months ago and today. You wouldn't have been able to sit through a dvd nine months ago :lol:

You are doing brill- stay positive and remember we are all here together

Love and hugs



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Hi Donna

I also still suffer with lots of aches and pains like you in the back of my head and neck. I also find that if I stand still for too long it does still affect my balance. I must look strange at the bus stop hopping from foot to foot but it doesn't affect me as much if I'm moving.

You have come a long way in the last 9 months and being back at work can make you more tired which makes all the aches and pains seem worse at times. Give yourself a pat on the back you're doing great especially as you have an adorable little boy to look after as well.

Janet x

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Guest ElaineW

Hi Donna and yes mym mum Maggie is still taking 6 anti sickness tablets 7 months on, has intermittent speech problems and headaches bt in the centre of her forehead. No help to you but I guess from reading these other postings that all these things are part and parcel of surviving a SAH. I think you have done fantastically but appreciate that it must be worrying at times. I hope you feel more reassured by others who are still experiencing the same. My very Best Wishes to you and your fsamily for 2009.

Elaine & Maggie xx

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Thankyou everyone

I think that when the probems do come it does worry me alot and I keep thinking its happening again x x it a whoosh sensation that comes over me and I think this is it its happening again x x x

Thankyou for all your support you are the only people who understand how I feel x x x

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Hey Donna

I get the whoosing sensation occasionally still now - normally when I haven't slept enough. It is scary but I know nothing is going to happen again. You're doing really really well hun - probably better than I was at nine months and look at me now!!!

Will try and pop over and see you one weekend hun

Love Sami xxx

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