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Two years ago...

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Hi Everyone,


I guess I really can't believe that 2 years have gone by since my event.  I had a thunderclap headache which was diagnosed as a SAH, a small one, that stopped bleeding on its own.  I spend 3 days in the hospital with a lot of testing.  They were hesitant when they discharged me as a student doctor had spotted something on my MRI but after several hours and multiple doctors checking it out they discharged me.


I felt as if I had dodged a bullet...but the worst was coming...Two days after discharge I was taking a shower and again I felt that massive thunderclap pain in my head and my hands and feet lost feeling...I was able to get out of the shower, dressing quickly and called emergency help as I was alone..


I don't remember anything after this...I awoke only briefly in ICU where I spent the next week.  I was fortunate as they didn't have to open my head, they were able to do a type of angiogram that injected medication into the vessels in my head, verapamil..the days after that were in and out on day 5 I felt like I was able to stay awake more.  They sat me up and I realized my core strength was gone.  I couldn't hold myself up, I could stand however.


I went to rehab for 2 weeks and it got me walking, pretty well and the core still weakened but better.  I struggled organizing my thinking, feeling mixed up.  These feelings have pretty much gone.  


So here I am, 2 years out and very thankful for the extra time I have been given.  My core is still an issue, seems to be a factor in a back issue I now have.  My thinking is pretty good, a lot of new or multiple pieces of information gives me that mixed up feeling but I can deal with.  My balance is not the best but I do get around pretty well.  


I feel like I fell into the arms of this group and I am thankful for all the warm, helpful posts I have gotten from you all.  I desperately wanted a support group and found nothing near me.  This group has been vital to me and even as I move on I find myself looking for your support when things arise.


The old saying "there is strength in numbers" rings true my friends.

xx Jean



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Hello Jean, well done and congratulations two years on.


Glad you are able to put these early tough days behind you, and thanks for your own input to the various issues raised on the Forums throughout the year.


The BTG family are special to those who have encountered this often misunderstood trauma and the challenges it leaves in it`s wake..


Wishing you well for the future.






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Hi Jean,

Well done on your 2 years, you have come so far after going through so much, I think we all find a lot out about ourselves after these events.


It is lovely to have somewhere to come when things do get tough, it's like having a second family, the only difference being that the people here at BTG can understand a lot more, 


Wishing you well as you continue to improve.


Michelle xx 

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Hi Jean :)


Congratulations on your 2 year SAH Anniversary. Well done on doing so well and so glad you found your BTG family.

Thank you for sharing and for all your caring supportive posts to others here.


Wishing you well with your on going recovery.


Take care 

Love Tina xx







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