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One Year ago today...

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It seems unbelievable that it has been a year. Lying in my hospital bed and then coming home and being told I will go back in a year. I didn't really believe I could survive a year I felt so bad but here I am. 


It's been without question the toughest year of my life. I am a different person to who I was, strangely I don't see that as all bad. I know what and who is important now. I found out who my friends really are and thankfully I have lots of them and an amazing family. When I read about people who do it with little support I wonder how they manage 


I have been left with a brain that does some crazy things, weird sensations and awful head pain at times. The fatigue dictates how I live my life as I have to rest and can't go a full day without a nap. My neurologist thinks I might have nocturnal epilepsy so that is a new problem to overcome but I made it.


I worried today I would be an emotional wreck. Well it's not over yet but with lots happening at work, kids to get to school and a generally crazy morning I find myself feeling grateful. Over the last year I have read so many posts saying just be grateful. If I am honest they have made me uncomfortable as after something like this it's very hard to make yourself feel a certain way. I was dealing with my recovery and still am. So I will put not put pressure on myself to feel grateful but to always feel empathy for others and their journey. 


Thank you for this site. It has helped me enormously when I have needed to scour for information and others who have been through the same thing. I hope to be able to support others in their early stages and I am sure I will continue to have questions. 


Everyone always says the first year is the worse but one day at a time for me still. Let's hope today is a good one. 

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Hello Charlie, and thanks for sharing your thoughts after one year.


Great to hear that you have found BTG has been a support throughout the year, and that your family and friends have been there for you too.


Everyone has their own route to follow as they find ways to deal with SAH recovery ……. and whether progress is slow, steady or challenging...time does bring a measure of healing and acceptance that life has changed.


Your comments will help others in their early days and keep us posted about your own journey.






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Congratulations on your year Charlie. I think the first year is the hardest and you certainly do find out who is there for you in friends and family.


Sorry to hear you are still suffering from headaches, have you talked to your neuro team about this? Hope you can get some relief.


Good luck for the future, hope things improve, just be kind to yourself.


Clare xx

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Hi Charlie,


congratulations on reaching the one one year point and treating yourself kindly. I'm glad you do have lots of support from friends and family, even if some have dropped off along the way.


keep looking after yourself, I'm finding that when people are dismissive of my needing naps I just tell them I'm following a fully Mediterranean lifestyle with siestas and not just the food 😆


Sarah x

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This site is good isn't it Charlie, I came on here singing songs I wanted played at my funeral !! lol.


Then I saw others laughing about bleeds and their life and that alone helps us !! To know others have been there had similar feelings, and came out the other side laughing xx.. I got my smile back xx 


Good luck Charlie and keep a smile for bad days, as we are Survivors XXXX Somedays it doesn't feel like it that's when I have as Sarah puts it Siesta xx


Well done you and keep going  xxxxx 


Monsanto and glyphosate court case. .Alas too late for my dogs but not too late for them to realise it !!  

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Thank you all for your kind words. It is a journey to be sure.


@ClareM I am working with my neuro to find the right treatment for everything. It depends what day you catch me as to how that is going😆


I know am a big siesta fan. In fact I have one on the floor of my meeting room at work all the time. Lol


Wishing you all well.

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