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Hello everyone,


Just found this site and it looks good. I had SAH nearly 5 weeks ago. Been home from hospital 10 days. Although I was warned about the fatigue it’s still worse than I thought. Just wiped out most of the time. Also been told I mustn’t fight it. I came home with a Zimmer frame but for the last five days I walk with my husband around the village just using his arm for support. No more frame 😊.


I try and go a little bit further every day. When I get back after fifteen minutes or so I’m exhausted and need to sit down. Still get headache and neck ache and strangely enough earache. Still afraid it will happen again so no confidence yet to be on my own.


Glad to have found this group. 

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Hi Sallios :)


A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us.


Well done you, on no more frame and trying to go a little bit further every day with your husband :thumbsup: Its normal to feel very tired and wiped out, you have had a major trauma to your brain and 5 weeks is very early in your recovery. Listen to your body and rest up loads. You are doing so well :) 


It took me quite a while to get my confidence back and go out on my own. This is all part of your recovery process and you will get there. If the head, neck and earache is worrying you, always go and get checked out by your GP, even just for peace of mind.

Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care 

Tina xx





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Hi there


warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.


It's all quite normal and yep fatigue is being shattered and some, it will ease though just remember not to over do it, rest lots and keep well hydrated, and when the body says rest don't fight it listen to it...


confidence will come back.


take care, hope to hear more from you...

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Hello Sallios


My husband had a NASAH in May 2019.  It took both of us a long time to feel confident to be apart, I barely left his side the first 20 days after his bleed, and I didn't return to work for 2 days a week until 2 months after his bleed.  Recovering from a brain injury is incredibly slow, others can't see what is happening inside your head.  So take it very easy, stay in contact with these amazing and wonderful people on BTG who helped us through.


You are making great progress, but please also allow yourself to not always go ahead, some days might be a step back, and sometimes it might feel like you're not making gains.  But you are still here and writing to us so you are doing amazingly!!!


All the best





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Sallios when you feel like it why not type in Green Room under Forums Keith leaves us a quiz to do which can help or not as in my case !! lol 


Good luck on Recovery and all you feel is part and parcel of what has happened to us..If in doubt always see Doc ..I never knew there was so many of us !! 


My Daughter found this for me as she was worried while I was out of it !! Keep Well and all the best on recovery...


All the best xx  Try a song as it helped me songs and laughter xxxx  Never helped Family though as I am tone deaf but still get buzzing in ears  xxxx

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