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hi my name is lauren, my 54 year old mum had an SAH 24 days ago. my maternal grandmother also had one about 3 years ago and my maternal aunt some years ago in her 20's. mum is physically doing really well but has trouble with confussion and short term memory. we know it is very early days and reading other peoples experiences offers us some comfort thank you

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Welcome Lauren,

As i've just said to your dad, feel free to ask as many questions as you want and hopefully someone will have the answer. Your mum sounds like she is doing well. It is a long process though xx

This is a fantastic place full of lots of support and advice- stay with us, we will try and help you through

Love and hugs



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Hi Loz, your Mum will improve day by day, my daughters were very worried about me too, I was very confused. I guess your age about the same age as my daughters, they kept a diary for me to read when I got better - it helps with recovery too. Give it time and slowly she will improve.

take Care


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Guest ElaineW

Hi Lauren - I have just posted to you dad (my mum had her SAH 8 months ago) - to speak honestly her prognosis was very poor but she has come through with flying colours with memory problems being the biggest issue. She is now able to live independently again. Your mum sounds as though she is coming along very adequately but I fully understand the worry and anxiety it puts on carers. You mum will probably have no recollection of her hospital stay so can I suggest you keep a diary so that when she is ready you can tell her all about if and it helps to keep a track on the ups and downs. Any questions just ask but as others who have posted that have gone through this themselves it is a very long process but your mum will get there.


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