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I need guidance and hope for my mom.

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On Nov. 8th my mom suffered a brain aneurysm rupture. Which lead to her having a hemorrhagic stroke, which then in turn led to a subarachnoid hemorrhage.She had surgery to clip the brain aneurysm but they found another one and an AVM in the CT scan. All of this was an entanglement on the top left side of her brain. 


They took care of the aneurysm’s and the removed the AVM. She had major brain surgery on the 9th for all of that, and is now recovering.She can’t move the right side of her body too strongly but she does. She opens her eyes and moves around but it’s like she’s not fully awake.


The doctor told us he doesn’t know how far she will go from here and only time will tell. She might stay this way or get stronger and make a partial recovery.We’re working on getting her trach off next week if she can pass a certain amount of tests.


All of this has been very overwhelming, and I can’t imagine how it is for my mom. I read all these stories of people who wake up and are coherent right after surgery and it makes me worried.


Should I be worried? Can someone tell me a few stories to help my anxiety. Thank you. 

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Hi Ojibwe,


Welcome to BTG!


I am so very sorry to hear about your mom, it is very worrying time for you all and I am sure your mom is receiving the best care for her situation. We are not allowed to give medical advice but we can share with you all of our own experiences of SAH.


It is still very early since your mom's event, in terms of recovery her medical team will be able to tell you better what her long term recovery could be. I know it must be very scary for you right now, but hopefully as the days and weeks go on you will see some improvements. It does take time, your mom's body and brain have suffered great trauma, they both need lots of time to recover.


The reason the Doctor is telling you he is not sure how far she will go recovery wise - is because they probably don't know. Every case of SAH is very different, no two recoveries are ever the same, different severity of bleed, different areas of the brain can be affected. This could also be why she is moving a little but not seeming like she is awake, her body and brain are trying to heal.


This will be very overwhelming for you, it's the shock of seeing your mom like this. It must be difficult after reading that others have woken up and been coherent, like I said earlier, no two SAH's are the same. Give it time, keep asking her medical team questions, keep talking to your mom, she will be able to hear you.


There will be others who will come along and share with you there experiences also we have members who are carers who are taking care of loved ones who have suffered a SAH. We are here for you, we will all help you as you go along this journey of recovery with your mom, we will try to answer any questions that you have, just not medical.


Sending both you and your mom hugs & strength to get you through this very difficult time.


Michelle xx 

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Hello and also a wasrm welcome to BTG.


As Michelle mentions ... it is so early in your mom`s recovery and it is important that you don`t view her current condition as how she will be from here on.  People and their bodies are very resilient and given days, weeks and yes in mom`s case .. months ... it is likely that you will begin to see signs of recovery.


Removing her trach in itself will be a positive sign.   Please take that long term view as you just give her support just now by simply being there for her and talking to her.


Again as Michelle says .  ... this event with your mom has been devastating for you and her immediate family.  You feel so helpless and so eager to have her back home again. The doctors have told you straight .... at this stage they do not know how she will progress,  but it is important that in realising that recovery is not something you will see overnight .... you can be less worried and more calm around her.   


Please make sure that you and other family members continue to eat and rest well as you adjust to what has happened to your mom.  It can be so easy to neglect yourselves at a time like this. Talk to each other frequently about your concerns and about the practical difficulties that you have to take care of in the future.


Also this site will give you much support and hope as you and your family read the many recovery journies of our members.


The Carers Forum will also give you much needed support.


Take care and please keep in touch with us.




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Hi there


So sorry to hear about your mom and can completely understand the fear and confusion that you all feel.  Take heart in the fact that she is in the best place for her right now and she will get all the aid and support that she needs.


Indeed, we all have different rates of recovery and there are so many variables to consider, as Michelle said - different areas of the brain, levels of bleed, size of aneurysm etc - even down to the age and fitness of the person involved - and it doesn't necessarily follow that the older you are the harder it is to recover.  


Your mom has been through a great deal of trauma and now her body and mind are healing - and they'll do this at their own pace.  Keep a diary of your mom's improvements as each day, week and month passes.  It'll come as a comfort to you and aid mom when she feels her recovery may be slower than she'd like or to mark her achievements and milestones in her recovery.


This is a great place to come for comfort, support, a shoulder to cry on and to have a bit of a laugh to keep the spirits up - you may not feel like laughing just now, but we are all here to support you in supporting your mom.


I wish your mom a speedy recovery and remember, you all need to take care of yourselves so that you can take care of and support your mom.


Best wishes x

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Hi Ojib,


Oops shortened your name put it down to my SAH !!  Ojibwe


I never had AVM but SAH followed by Ventriculitis UTI and then Sepsis,


Good job I was asleep while being pumped with whatever got rid of it. 


My sisters sang to me while out of it and Husband and Daughter took it in shifts to make sure I was okay.  


Was told by OT's who I played up to put me in a home as I'll never be the same ever again.  Hubby told them we will take her home then.  When I got home Doctor said I had Hydrocephalus had shunt put in for that and woke up singing to Nurse.  I swear by a smile and singing to help us remember and happiness.  None of it I remember until shunt was in ..So keep talking to Mum and keep away people who only tell you their problems she needs loving and I pray she gets better  Obibwe  and get some rest also  xxxxx  Keep talking to her xxxx happy things xxxx 


Get well soon Ojibwe's Mum  xxxxx

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