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My 8 week check up

Guest Vivienne

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Guest Vivienne

Hello all

I had an appointment at the dr's today, a check up to make sure I'm still on the right path, and I'm glad to report, that I am!

He was really pleased with me and said I'm doing fantastically well. The effects I was having such as numbness have stopped, and I'm not getting dizzy or light-headed as much as I was. He was very patient with me and I was surprised when I asked him if he knew how many coils I had had put in, he said:"From the report the hospital sent to him, it looks like just the one!" Wow! I would have thought I would have had a few (aneurysm was 15x9mm)!

He also said that I was looking at about another three months off work, and probably the same for driving. Not that I feel like I want to drive at the moment.

I asked about excercise - never been one for the gym, and he said pilates, yoga, swimming and walking would be fantastic and of great benefit for me. Went out and bought Beginners guide to yoga, and Dummies guide to pilates! (Can't swim, but I am considering lessons). Being in Northumberland we have many places to walk, and I'm back up to walking around 3 miles now.

The very sad news of Lizbeth really shook me up, and I was feeling very anxious and agitated about it, and the dr said that a lot of people react like this, understandably even more so with me as the surgeon who coiled me was the same one who did her. I did get upset about it. He urged me to stay positive, and was kind about it.

So, he explained (again!) that the recovery after this procedure takes a long time, and that I am doing great. Next appointment in 6 weeks time.

The only thing I'm having difficulty with is losing my sweet tooth! I simply don't crave chocolate at all!

Take care everyone,


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Hi Vivienne

Glad everything well for you, keep up with the good recovery.

Like you, I too have lost my sweet tooth, I am glad really as I am trying to lose the weight. :D

I was also thinking of doing yoga along side with bellydancing but find it hard finding classes here.

Take care.

Myra xx

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I still don't know exactly how many coils I've got! Or even the size of my annie. That's more to do with my memory though! Eight weeks in is still very early in your recovery and I'm sure you're going to make huge strides in the next few months. Listen to your body rather than people telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing and you won't go far wrong.


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Good to hear alls going well and as Scott says your early in, I dont know where my SAH was size or anything either, yes your the one who knows how far you can go....

I dont have a sweet tooth either now which isnt really a problem when I do have something like a dessert or cake mostly when I'm out I enjoy it all the more in a weird way but dont crave it which is good for the waist line..... :roll:

take care


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Hello Vivienne and well done, it's such a relief isn't it, to be told that you are on track :) Your GP sounds as though he is very supportive, I may say that so is mine, I rather think we might be amongst the lucky ones! Keep up the good work but don't stop listening to your body. I too lost my appetite for anything sweet, in fact I now really dislike chocolate......so am getting skinnier and skinnier :wink:

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