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Hello my name is Simone. I am excited and nervous to have this resource. My husband found it for me over a year ago.
I have read many post and feel comfort knowing that I am not alone in my struggles and victories.


In  2016 I had a Hemorrhagic stroke due to postpartum preeclampsia. The bleeding was in my right Occipital lobe and affected my vision.

Recovery has been hard and I am not who I was prior to my stroke, but thankful to be here with a new sense and perspective in life.


 Flash forward to 2020 I am pregnant again and very nervous. I will try to post, when I have time and courage. I am hoping that my stories can help someone or maybe get advice as well. Thank you for reading my about me 😊


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Hola Simone :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG, glad your husband found us for you and the site has given you some comfort.  


Congratulations to you both on your wonderful news, can understand you may be nervous.  Others here have fallen pregnant after their bleeds and can reassure you.


We would love to hear how you are getting on and as you say will help many others reading your story.

Love your picture, is that from your garden? Beautiful flowers :)  


Look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Love Tina xx

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It helped me this site knowing I wasn't alone Simone, 


If others have been through it and can smile again why can't we. (I'm too old for babies )  My baby is in her 40's  ha !!


A girl on here had a baby and she came through it okay xx 


Good luck and remember to smile it does help and not listen to doom and gloom stories.   


Congratulations on the news of baby and keep chin up xxxxx  Best wishes for all you accomplish in life 


Win xxxxxxx  Happy thoughts xxxxx

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Hello Simone, and also a very warm welcome to BTG.


Well done to your husband for finding our site and great to hear that you have found encouragement from reading the content of the various forums. I hope he too has found support from the site.


Congratulations to you both on the exciting news about your pregnancy. I am sure the medics will give you the added support knowing your existing condition.  

You may already have checked out this site link. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?q=PREGNANCY&quick=1


So glad you are taking a positive attitude towards your life post bleed.  It is tough for everyone as they deal with the issues of coming to terms that life will be different and challenging. BTG will give you a tremendous insight into how our members have coped. 


Best wishes for the months ahead until the birth of your baby and we look forward to your own helpful comments about your journey.




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Hi there Simone welcome to btg sorry you have to be here xxx


Congratulations to you both on your pregnancy xxx


I have had two children since my bleed 17 years ago one of which turned 16 last October he makes me feel old lol xxx


I had them both naturally and we were ok anything you need to ask at all just ask me I am more than happy to tell you my experiences xxx

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