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merrill is home


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Hi again today when i went to the hospital they said merrill could come home and it's great to have her home.

Merrill is not normaly a difficult person, but she has been home 3 hours and has been difficult,when she got home she was very confused and i put this down to the fact that she had not had a rest today as they had been working with her this morning and then we spent all afternoon waiting for discharge papers and did'nt get her home till 7 o clock then she was fixaetd on the fact that everything i said to her she told me yes i know i had a letter about it this morning which of course i knew was untrue then she told me that just before they discharged her they told her she had heart problems which again i knew was untrue is this a normal level of confusion just after discharge anybody had similar experiences be glad to hear your comments thanks Rod

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Hi Rod I was very confused about alot of things at first, I was asking my mom how I would cope with my 8 children (I hadn't got any at the time have 2 now though :lol: ) However it did go with time it is still early days for your wife try not to worry and be there to listen. Jess.xxx

PS not only that if she heard a dr telling someone about heart problems in her sleep she may of thought they were telling her I was talking some greek cause I had a greek person next to me, so you can pick things up like that. I also didn't know the day before I come home I had scans again but I have the pictures that is the only reason I know yet I thought I remembered everything after the first few days.

So glad Merrill is home

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Hi Rod

So glad Merrill is home. I think its quite confusing i remember wondering why everyone was coming to visit me while i was in bed on holiday and my mum says i kept asking her why all my friends were sitting down the corridor chatting. Try and reassure her and give her some peace and quiet i'm sure the confusion will easy with time, take care.

Love luck and laughter


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im brilliently surprised and pleased mell is home yes the confusion will as others have said will pass in time i hope you got the support in line or being sorted to help look after mell i wish you both well in the coming months and a speedy recovery for mell the bed is always here take care hugs and cuddles for mell take care

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