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Behind the Gray News

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Well, I was absolutely thrilled and proud, to discover yesterday evening, that the Different Strokes website had provided a link to Behind the Gray...... so, thank you DS, if any of you guys are looking in.... :D

Not many (if any) other large charitable organisations will agree to link to sites such as ours, as we aren't of charitable status. I can now understand their reasons, but couldn't when Chris, Keith and myself first developed this site in it's early days.

It's a huge compliment in my books, for this site to be recognised and worthy enough of a permanent link or to be recommended to SAH/stroke survivors .... so, many thanks to all members that have contributed with their recovery accounts and those that have supported and encouraged, our new members through some tough times on our medical forums..... whether they be a survivor themselves or a carer.

I started a project on the SAH forum quite a few months ago ...... mainly to collate SAH recovery information from those members that contribute to BTG and what we've found to be our biggest or most common recovery problems post SAH ..... I'm hoping to continue that project in the autumn or if I'm on a roll, actually complete it! :wink:

Thanks again, for your contribution.

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That's great news Karen :D I can also understand reasons for not linking to a certain extent, but also when it comes to non-charities like the NHS it's difficult to get a link unless the site meets strict criteria. We have managed to get a link on a couple though:

NHS Choices http://www.nhs.uk

Patient Advice and Liason Service (PALS) http://www.pals.nhs.uk

Thanks to everyone for making this site what it is.



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Thanks for the suggestion Caroline, will get in touch with them.

Keith, I really didn't think that the NHS would give us a link .... but I was over the moon when they approved the site. :D

Thanks Laura for all of your help and support too....

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Well done indeed to everyone concerned, it certainly is no mean feat as I know only too well and it just shows what determination can do :) For those of you old enough to remember this, I reckon we should award, Karen Keith Chris and Laura a CDM. If you are too young to understand, ask and I will tell :wink:

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Hi Karen

What brilliant news and thanks to the hard work and hours you all put in

this site is a total life line of immense support and friendship to us all.

Congratulations :D:D:D what a huge compliment.

Love luck and laughter


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That's fantastic news Karen.

You have put in so much hard work into this website and believe me when I say that it helped me many times.

I have often mentioned this website to my neurosurgeon and GP and the wonderful support it has given to us and along the way

new friends.

Take care.

Myra xx :)

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Hi Lauren and Myra,

I am proud, but BTG is very much a team effort and I certainly couldn't carry on running the site, without Keith and Chris .... and will always recognise those people that have also supported and helped me, behind the scenes, when the going has got tough.. and those people know who they are. And, to my own family, that have often had to take a back seat, whilst I deal with problems or work on the site..... they've probably had the roughest deal, but they know how much it means to me and how passionate I am.

If BTG helps to give somebody hope or helps them to get through their day, then we're extremely happy....and there's nothing more that we could ask for..... :)

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Hey K

Thats fantastic news and thoroughly deserved -a huge thanks to you, Chris and Keith and your families for having the patience and understanding to allow such a huge part of your spare time put into helping others by maintaining a fantastic site - i don't know where I'd be right now if it wasn't fot BTG. I've made life long friends on here that remind me that out of every bad situation something good will eventually happen.

Long live BTG :lol::lol:

Lots of love Sami xxx

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