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do you consider yourself disabled?

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Hi everyone

I just thought I'd post this question as I've just been asked it at work as a colleague is filling out a questionnaire on work stats for one of our funders and I was asked if I consider myself disabled? I wasn't sure. I think probably not. After my SAH I did consider myself disabled for a while and definitely I have been left with slight brain damage (am slower at doing things, memory not so good, get confused at times, also hearing loss and taste and smell distortion). Now I feel I'm getting used to the new me and don't really consider myself disabled, just a bit slower at doing things.

Has anyone else come across this question re jobs etc?


Anne xxx

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From my point of view, any permanent change ( or even long term temporary change) is a disability, but it is very important to recognise that disabilty is not inability and can be empowering :)

Edit: by perrycornish

Just want to add, that employing someone with a disability is usually a positive response for employers as it means that they are complying with the laws of disability and discrimination, a positive staement for them to make. Never forget there is no shame, stigma or whatever you wish to call it in disabilty and it can have benefits :)

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I never have done but as i've started applying for new jobs, I keep considering it.

I don't think she will mind me saying but I have had several conversations with Leo and she has been talking to people medically related who say that we must say its a disability to cover ourselves as well as our workplaces. I still keep toying with it though....

Love and hugs


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As Penny said I too hate to admit to it but I do now consider myself disabled. My balance problems have remained the same for over a year now and my speech problems have remained the same too.

I would find it hard to find jobs because of my speech, it's sad really for me because I was always good at communicating with people and I love languages.

I try and make the best of my abilities as I can.

Myra xx

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Hey there

No, I don't consider myself disabled. The only thing I can't do now that I could do before if jog - and to be perfectly honest I don't really mind that :lol::lol:

It wasn't a question asked on my application for the nursery - just if i'd had any serious illnesses in the last 5 years - I wrote about my SAH and got a letter from the council occupational therapy dept and had to answer a questionnaire but apart from that nothing. They're happy with my ability to work in the capacity I am and so am I.


Sami xxx

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A very interesting question Anne ..... and something that I discussed, when I first met Scott (Rince) and Keith (Bogbrush), in my earlier days .... so, will sit and ponder for a while .... as to whether or not, my answer is the same ....

I also love Perry's reply .... and that "inability, can be empowering".... it certainly can be...

Will reply when I get a few minutes ..... if I don't, then please feel free to give me a gentle nudge ..... as my short term memory, is still on the lousy side.... :wink:

Love K x

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I do. But only after, as Janet has said, speaking to neuro OT staff.

When I satrted neuro rehab in January this year, I never considered myself to be disbaled in any way. Sure, I knew I had ongoing problems but the word disabled never even occured to me. In fact when I was in a group meeting and they kept referring to my disability, I looked behind me in the first session expecting to see someone behind me. I'm only 37 and it was a shocking concept.

But it has been so empowering to finally face up to the fact that I do have on-going problems and that life will never be quite the same for me again. I am really grateful that I managed to get onto a vocational neuro-rehabilitation course because without it I wouldn't have a clue about my employers responsibilities towards me because of my disability. I would just have tried (and failed miserably) to carry on under the same work load and pressure as before - causing myself more harm especially in terms of self confidence.

What has become very clear from the course, is that if I were to apply for a job, I would tick the disabled box because if affords us certain legal rights under the Disabilty Discrimmination Act which will come in handy when having bad days due to headaches, fatigue etc.

OK, I'm tired now. I'll stop ranting.

Leo xx

PS: A minor, more cheeky point associated with being 'disabled' is being able to qualify for Blue Badge which is fantastic on wobbly leg/headache days especially in the city!

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Yes it's not something I've thought about, whether I'm disabled or not, it only occurred to me when I was asked about it in work context. I think in my current job I would tick the box to say I'm disabled as I feel ok about saying so. I'm not sure about when I apply for a new job, will have to think that through but would probably tick yes.

warm wishes


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Hi Anne,

I still haven't got around to answering your post ..... but, to cut a long story short, then Yes, I do consider myself to be disabled ..... I'm unable to function as I once did, before the SAH.......

I agree with Perry v.strongly and that disability, doesn't mean inability .....

I'm still experiencing recovery, nearly 4 years on and I will never stop trying to achieve the "next step" .... I've had plenty of "down" days, throughout my recovery, but have always managed to get through them, which has given me hope when I experience a bad spell, with the physical and mental problems of adjusting to life post SAH.....

Thank you Anne, as it's a really good subject ..... xx

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